To comply with AS/NZ 1891 – Industrial Fall Arrest Systems or with AS/NZ 4488 – Industrial Rope
Access systems, it is necessary to inspect and service anchor points and static line systems a minimum
of once per year. Also, after prolonged periods during which the system has been out of use, or in the
event of a fall taking place on the system.

It is also a requirement that (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (harnesses, lanyards, etc.) are inspected at intervals of no more than six months.

A log of all inspections and certifications should be maintained by the system owner.  Abseilers United provide anchor certificates, reminders of your next inspection, compliance plates with the dates of inspection and we also tag each individual anchor after inspection.

Abseilers United Sydney are trained height safety installers and can certify your anchors, in fact it is our preference to install the anchors that we might use again in the future for other rope access works.

Discounts are available should we certify your anchors whilst conducting other rope access building maintenance we might perform such as window cleaning, caulking, sealing window leaks, high pressure facade wash etc.

Please contact us to certify your anchor points today!  Or if you would like a site inspection we can best advise you on a roof layout and provide you with a quote to install new anchors.

We wish you every success with your access system.

What is an anchor point?

An anchor point is an essential element in height safety. Used for rope access, anchor points are a vital part of fall arrest systems on the roofs and facades of buildings and other high structures. Anchor points are used to firmly connect to things like lanyards, lifelines, and other forms of tie-off, which make sure a person does not fall when working at heights. Anchors on a roof vary from a simple D-ring connection to more complex roof anchor systems.

Why are anchor points required?

Under the Work Health and Safety Act, anywhere that work is done within 2 meters of an unprotected edge that could result in a fall of 2 meters or more, fall protection is required. Anchor points are a crucial part of fall protection. Does your building comply with the new regulations?

Contact Us today, Abseilers United can complete a comprehensive height safety audit for your Sydney-based organisation.