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Rigging, lifting and lowering of furniture, art-work and equipment at heights by rope access experts

Ready to move some equipment, the stunning new lounge, or a priceless piece of art into your building, only to discover the lift or stairs are just not an option? There is a smarter, safer option than scaffolding or whirlybirds. Industrial rope access offers you quick, safe, and cost-effective access to perplexing locations that you would otherwise need scaffolding or even a helicopter to reach. Abseilers United provides rigging, lifting, and lowering of furniture, art-work, and equipment at heights by rope access experts.

We’re adept at moving large and fragile items into and out of your building, always delivered in showroom condition. Abseilers United’s rope access technicians can skillfully raise (or lower) any size object – no matter how heavy or delicate – up or down the façade of your building, placing it gently on your balcony or rooftop. This service saves you time and stress, and turns a difficult chore into a breeze.

Rigging and lifting can transport:

  • Materials
  • Equipment & Plant
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Signage etc.

Wherever you are in the Sydney CBD and suburbs, we can assist. Contact us ASAP for your complimentary quote.


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