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Expert installation and certification of safety lines & static lines
What are safety lines?

Safety lines are an important element in a height safety system, and are used to protect people doing work on roofs and walls of high structures. They can be fixed to almost any structure through specially engineered and designed anchor points.

Why are safety lines so important?
  • Safety lines form part of a fall restraint system that allows safe, secure, and unrestricted movement: allowing work to get done safely
  • In the workplace, falls from heights are a common cause of fatality or serious injury
  • Fall protection is necessitated by the Work Health and Safety Act in any area where work is done 2m or less from an unprotected edge, where a 2m+ fall could result
Protect your people and business

To help protect your most important assets, Abseilers United’s height safety technicians can:

  • Inspect, test and certify your current safety lines to ensure they meet full regulations
  • install new safety lines, either standard or custom-built for your business.

Having trialled dozens of safety lines over the years in our own rope access and height safety work, we know which ones truly deliver. You can be assured that the static lines we install are the highest quality available in Australia.

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