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Today, construction is all about safety and deadlines. Often we think about shortcuts to get the job done quickly. However, when it comes to height safety there should never be any corners cut. Common sense won’t always save someone’s life, but the right equipment and maintenance of your structures will.

To overlook or rush the risk analysis and hazard control not only puts lives at risk, it often creates an unexpected liability to owners or caretakers. While the risk analysis for maintenance activities falls mainly on the owner of the structure in question, this assessment should also be thoroughly undertaken on designing stages.

If constraints can be more easily managed, this allows for a cheaper and more effective system to provide protection of falls from heights. What happens when the hazards associated with fall from heights are not taken into consideration over the entire asset’s life-cycle?

When the control measures for preventing falls from heights are not properly thought out for long-term use, it leads to the use of dodgy ladders, expensive temporary solutions, or permanent systems that become useless over time. For example:

  • Project managers and architects might look at fall arrest/fall restraint systems as a means for meeting safety requirements
  • Builders and engineers might look at it as a means of getting the construction work done
  • Building and asset managers might look at it as a means of getting maintenance work done and improving the value of the asset

Rope access companies that specialise in abseiling and risk analysis at heights are the only professionals who possess the required set of skills to cut costs.

With a team like Abseilers United, through our understanding of height safety requirements at different stages of building, we deliver a long-lasting, truly safe system, from design to construction and operation.


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