The Benefits of a Rope Access Technician for Building Maintenance

Building maintenance for high-rise and multi-storey buildings is a high-risk job that is not for the fainthearted. 

Traditional EWP (elevated work platform), cranes and scaffolding rigs used for maintenance services like window cleaning are expensive to set up, pose a significant risk of harm to workers and bystanders if something goes wrong, and risks substantial damage to the property.

Abseiling professionals, more commonly known as rope access technicians, use their unique skills to more accurately and safely access a multi-floor property for construction, repairs and routine building maintenance.

Read on to learn about the many benefits of hiring rope access technicians for building maintenance and why Abseilers United is the best choice for providing a rope access technician in Sydney and surrounding areas.

What is a rope access technician?

A rope access technician is highly trained in the art of abseiling, also known as rappelling, which is the use of ropes and rigs to provide a controlled ascent or descent to a sheer face, like a cliff or a multi-story construction.

When it comes to building maintenance, a rope access technician can perform jobs that require lightweight and minimalistic tools and equipment.

What kind of jobs can a rope access technician perform?

Rope access technicians can perform various specialty jobs on large constructions, from scheduled maintenance to general cleaning.

Some examples of the many building maintenance solutions that a rope access technician can perform include, but are not limited to:

  • Window cleaning
  • External painting and repainting
  • Rust removal and treatment
  • Repair work
  • Building inspections and reports
  • Safety and quality control inspections
  • Rigging
  • Electrical and other trade work
  • Minor construction and renovations work
  • Pest control and more

Rope access technicians require nothing more than a safe anchor point and favourable weather to operate and can work on nearly any high-rise structure you can imagine.

Examples of structures that rope access professionals can provide maintenance services to include:

  • Buildings
  • Towers
  • Bridges
  • Radio masts
  • Churches
  • Dams
  • Large community complexes
  • Sporting stadiums
  • Performance stages and more

A seasoned rope access technician is something to behold when they are in action. Rope access companies like Abseiler United genuinely are the most versatile solution for high-rise building maintenance.

What are the benefits of hiring a rope access technician over other services?

Unlike other high-rise and multi-storey building maintenance solutions, rope access professionals require much less space and equipment.

They also do not need bulky mechanical utilities and elevated work platforms such as:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Cranes
  • Pulley operated platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Ladders and more

Because rope access technicians do not require EWPs (elevated work platforms) and other bulky equipment, there is no need to block any traffic, restrict car park access, or provide safety officers and security to redirect foot traffic.

All a rope access technician needs to perform their duties is a secure anchor point to attach their rope and harnesses and safe weather conditions in which to work.

What is an anchor point?

An anchor point is a safe, sturdy, or custom-designed attachment that tethers the rope access technician and fall-safety system to the building or structure.

On a construction site or a high structure, in most cases, the rope access technician can create their anchor point utilising a safety-approved custom rig, like a flexible pull-through anchor.

Most high rise buildings and multi-story complexes are designed with anchor points for scheduled maintenance.

These anchor points could include:

  • Concrete eyelet
  • Purlin mount anchor
  • Removable anchors
  • Top mount anchors and more

If you are unsure whether your building has pre-installed anchor points, contact a team of rope access professionals like the ones here at Abseilers United for more advice.

Are rope access technicians cost-effective?

Rope access technicians can be significantly cheaper than EWP services. Aside from not needing to pass on excessive machine hire or equipment maintenance costs to their customers, rope access technicians also require less time for operations.

BMU, EWP and scaffolding vs rope access

Below are some approximate examples and comparisons of the potential time differences between EWP and scaffolding protocols compared to rope access technicians.

Elevated Work Platform building maintenance operations

  • 2-hours set up
  • 10-hours for operations
  • 2-hours pack up

A typical EWP maintenance, repair or inspection operation could take up to 14-hours to complete.

This is more than the average eight-hour workday, meaning site managers, staff or security may require overtime while the operators perform their tasks, costing you more than just the services provided by the EWP team.

Scaffolding building maintenance operations

  • 12-hour set up
  • Eight hours of work time
  • 12-hours to pack up

As you can see, the time it takes to set up and take down a safe scaffolding system is longer than the job takes to perform, making scaffolding a very costly exercise for potentially no added benefits.

Building maintenance unit (BMU)

  • One-hour induction
  • Six-hour operations
  • One hour to clear site

To set up a structure with a BMU can cost hundreds of thousands in capital, with annual operations and maintenance costs in the thousands. These bulky and cumbersome systems can generally be avoided by hiring a rope access technician.

Rope access technician building maintenance operations

  • One-hour set up
  • Eight to ten-hour operations
  • One-hour clear site

What can take other building maintenance services days or even a week to complete can be performed by a team of rope access technicians in eight to 10-hours on average.

In summary

Rope access technicians are the perfect choice for the savvy building manager, property owner or high-rise structure safety and maintenance officer.

To summarise the many benefits of hiring a rope access technician for your building maintenance, rope access teams offer:

  • Safer work sites
  • Cost-effective building maintenance operations
  • Less disruption to regular site operations
  • Less time for the operation to be completed
  • Less risk to bystanders and passers-by
  • Less overtime for in-house staff and security
  • Less on-site maintenance equipment required

Rope access technicians also provide a  slightly less, more streamlined operation, meaning your building’s architecture and aesthetics are less affected while operations are being conducted.

Abseilers United Sydney

As well as rope access building maintenance, Abseilers United also offers a range of other high-risk services, such as:

  • Height safety and building anchor point solutions
  • A range of licensed rope access trade solutions
  • Confined space operators
  • Rigging and lifting
  • Stand by rescue and more

Contact the team here at Abseilers United today if you require advice or would like to book a consultation and quote with a rope access technician in Sydney.

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What is an Anchor Point in Construction?

High-risk and rope access professionals, like window cleaners and confined space workers, must follow the most intensive safety codes during their working hours. Attention to detail and stringent safety protocols are required to avoid potentially life-changing or fatal fall hazards if something goes wrong with their equipment or to the anchor points to which people are tethered.

Other industries that require specialty fall safety equipment include, but are not limited to:

  • Rope access caulking and sealing services
  • Roof accessors and restoration trades
  • High-rise construction specialists
  • Brick pointing professionals
  • Signage professionals and installers
  • Remote and confined access technicians
  • Rope access maintenance tradespeople
  • Waterproofing trades
  • Rope access pressure cleaners and more

One thing that all these professions require as a primary piece of safety equipment is a robust and reliable rope anchor and the knowledge to correctly identify an anchor point on the structure with which you are working.

You also must be confident, methodical and strategic, with anchor point installation protocols carried out by you and the rest of your rope access team. 

Although other safety measures can be put in place in case of failure, most of these circumstances can be avoided entirely by proper anchor points installation techniques. Read on to learn more.

Rope access anchors 101

There is a wide range of rope access anchors for different applications. Therefore, the kind of anchor you select would be dependent on what kind of anchor point is available in any given situation.

The shape and nature of any given rope access anchor will depend on its applications. These could include structures and surfaces like:

  • Corrugated or tiled roofs
  • Flat-faced or tiered high-rise structures
  • Exhaust and smokestacks
  • Glass front high-rises
  • Pylons or electrical towers
  • Deep holes and confined spaces
  • Large scale signage and more

It is essential to use the right tools for the right job, especially when selecting critical safety equipment like rope access anchors.

Some of the different kinds of rope access anchors you may use as an abseiling professional  include, but are not limited to:

  • Window links
  • Concrete links
  • Eyebolt links
  • Rafter links
  • Surface mount links and more

The various types of rope access anchors available will have two things in common: a unique fastening system and load rating.

While the application of any given anchor will be evident to most rope access professionals, the load rating will vary depending on various factors, such as:

  • The weight of the user
  • The amount of equipment being carried and its weight
  • The OH&S requirements and specification of the site
  • The conditions you are working in and more

The team members and affiliates here at Abseilers United work tirelessly to remain at the forefront of high-risk rope access and abseiling developments and adhere to the most stringent protocols while using the most current rope access safety equipment available.

We strive for excellence in our field and ensure all measures are taken for the safety of our technicians, affiliated professionals, our clients and the public.

What is an anchor point in construction?

Now we have discussed what a rope access anchor is; we must examine how they are applied. So, what is an anchor point in construction?

Rope access or abseiling professionals in the construction industry could be working on any type of construction. These structures could include:

  • High-rise residential apartments
  • Multi-story housing
  • Multi-level corporate or high-rise office buildings
  • Community facilities and sports centres
  • Large scale sport and entertainment complexes 
  • Industrial complexes and more

Depending on the type of structure or surface an abseiling professional will be descending will denote what kind of rope access anchor that will be used.

The rope access anchor provides a strong and reliable point for the abseiler to attach their rope for safe descent and ascent.

For a structure to qualify for an anchor point under Australian OH&S standards, the point at which the anchor is attached must be able to withstand 5,000-pounds of force, per-person connected to the rope system. 

This means it must be able to withstand twice as much force as that could be applied if a rope access professional was to suffer a fall during their descent or ascent.

An essential skill when utilising a rope access anchor is identifying and performing effective anchor point installations.

The most challenging aspect of selecting an adequate anchor point in cases where the abseiling professional must install one themselves is that it is nearly impossible to calculate the exact force a fall could impose.

Depending on the building design and management and safety protocols, rope access anchor points may be permanently installed on the structure or building. This is most common on high-rise or multi-level buildings that require regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance on the building’s facade.

Permanent anchor points like concrete anchors or mast anchor points are often strategically placed during the structure’s design. 

These points have been optimised for safe and trustworthy access to the building’s face for all rope access professionals who may work on the construct.

The team here at Abseilers United are industry leaders for anchor point installation, Sydney and surrounding areas. All our work meets or exceeds Australian occupational health and safety standards and comes with a clear and concise report.

Unsafe anchor points

While what is considered to be a good anchor point in construction can be diverse, there are some structures you must avoid for anchor point installations.

Utilities and structures you must avoid using for rope access anchor points include, but are not limited to:

  • Scaffolding
  • Hand and guard rails
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Electrical equipment like air conditioners and generators
  • Wiring looms and harnesses.
  • Floating stairs and ladders
  • Rebar and star droppers
  • Vents, ductwork and more

If at any point you are unsure or concerned about the safety or condition of a rope access anchor point, it is best not to take any risks.

Contact your manager, supervisor or site manager to discuss your concerns, and only carry out work when all steps in your safety protocols can be carried out and accounted for.

Abseilers United Sydney

The team here at Abseilers United is at the forefront of rope access technology and application. Our experienced team of rope access experts can perform work on all building types across all industries.

If you need reliable and trustworthy advice or services for rope access and high-risk professionals, contact our friendly staff today to arrange a consultation.


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Window Cleaning - Abseilers United

How Do You Clean High-Rise Windows?

Sydney’s skyline is full of iconic landmarks, architectural masterpieces and imposing skyscrapers. As a collective, they offer a stunning panoramic and walking amongst the high-rise buildings is an experience in itself; and reminds you how big Sydney is.

Now, think of all the high-rise buildings within the CBD and the ongoing maintenance needed to keep them aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Absurd.

One maintenance task that cannot be forgotten is high rise window cleaning!

Dirty and stained windows on strata, residential and commercial high rise buildings can cause an unpleasant appearance, restricted viewing, obstructed natural light and unhygienic environments. For these reasons, high rise window cleaning must be routinely performed by a professional service like Abseilers United for safe and optimum results.

But how do you clean high rise windows?

There is only one real option for high rise window cleaning: the traditional washer and squeegee by rope access Sydney. 

Other options such as water-fed pole systems, extensions poles, scissor lifts, and booms are helpful but limited when high rise window cleaning is concerned.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Scaling up a high rise is not always viable; therefore, abseiling down the building is a trusted method to reach windows in difficult to reach places. Rope access technicians rig up safe abseiling systems and repel down high-rise buildings with complete control to access the windows that need cleaning.

Rope access window cleaning needs to be performed by a qualified rope access technician that has the necessary rope access window cleaning training to complete the job competently and safely.

Having the right tools for the rope access Sydney job

When cleaning windows, it helps to have the right tools for the job. When performing rope access window cleaning, it is non-negotiable as there is no room for error and the time spent in precarious positions need to be limited. 

Therefore having the right tools for the job will ensure all rope access window cleaning is done safely, effectively, and efficiently.

From the bucket and squeegee to the scraper and tool belt, all tools have a purpose and must be reliable, especially when working at heights. Abseilers United is equipped with the quality tools to perform professional cleaning on all rope access Sydney jobs.

More than just a squeegee

Those unfamiliar with high rise window cleaning may be surprised by the vast range of squeegees available. For rope access technicians, a squeegee is their prized possession. They invest good money in a quality squeegee to help their performance and high rise window cleaning results when suspended many metres from the ground.

There are important features to consider like swivel handles, clip points and disassembly of the handle, channel and rubber to help with commuting, storage, and cleaning. Squeegees from reputable brands will ensure windows are left streak-free and save valuable time by avoiding recleaning that may be needed when using stock standard squeegees. 

Squeegee size can range from 4 inches to 24 inches, and rope access technicians will have a range of options to suit all rope access Sydney jobs.

Squeegee Rubber

Squeegee rubbers that can be turned and replaced when worn are vital to continue a squeegee’s lifespan. So too is the squeegee versatility in using different rubbers to suit the rope access technician preference.

Other essential equipment for high rise window cleaning


A bucket may seem obvious, but it needs to be adequate to fit the squeegee and hold ample cleaning solutions without being an inconvenience and safety hazard.


A high rise window cleaning mop is essential to wash the window and remove any tough marks and stains. The basic t-bar and sleeve design are standard within the industry, coming in either fixed or swivel varieties. 

The machine-washable removable sleeve comes in a few different types. The standard soft wash, the ‘porcupine’ with plastic teeth, and the scourer for stubborn stains are most used.

For rope access technicians, a water retention mop is a highly beneficial option as it reduces the visit to the bucket, saving valuable time and minimising movements.


Scrapers are pretty self-explanatory. They scrape off tough marks like bird droppings and insect marks, both common on rope access Sydney jobs. A convenient pocket size scraper is the most popular choice for a rope access technician; however, they will have larger scrapers at hand when required.

It is vital to have the skills to use a scraper correctly, not to scratch the window, causing permanent damage.


Whether it’s a professional cleaning solution or a secret homemade formula, every rope access technician will have their detergent of choice. 

As long as it removes stains, cleans the glass, lubricates the window surface, and leaves the window looking sparkling clean, it is considered sufficient.

Tool Belt

A tool belt is an excellent accessory that many rope access technicians use for high rise window cleaning. Tool belts help free up the hands and give adequate support to store things like scrapers, rags and phones. 

Tool belts can also carry a small bucket to hold a mop and squeegee when they are not being used.

High rise window cleaning experience and qualifications

When looking for a rope access Sydney company to perform high rise window cleaning, they must have industry experience and qualifications. High rise window cleaning is a specialised job that comes with many safety hazards. 

No high rise building is the same, and many have challenging architectural features. High rise window cleaning experience will ensure the rope access window cleaning job is performed without hassle or delay. 

Undertaking the appropriate training to ensure rope access technicians are qualified to work safely at heights is vital. The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) qualification is an internationally recognised rope access certification that provides a safe method of working at heights.

Abseilers United, the rope access window cleaning specialists

For 15 years, Abseilers United rope access technicians are the rope access Sydney experts in heights safety and building maintenance. All their rope access technicians are IRATA, and SPRAT qualified, meaning they will perform rope access window cleaning to the necessary Australian and international standards.

Contact Abseilers United today, and let the rope access window cleaning specialist leave your windows looking sparkling clean.


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Rope Access Window Cleaning - Sydney - Abseilers United

Rope Access Technician: The Benefits of Hiring For Window Cleaning

Rope Access Technician: Whether your building is a three-story retail outlet, multi-story corporate building, or residential high-rise, your windows cop a lot more wear and tear than you may realise. This is because your building’s windows and facades are under constant stress and pressure from the seasons and elements. 

Every day, year in, year out, your windows and exterior fixtures are facing the onslaught of:

  • High-winds
  • Rain and hail
  • Harsh UV radiation exposure
  • Contaminants and pollutants
  • Dirt and grime
  • Extreme heat
  • Cold temperatures and more

If regularly scheduled cleaning, inspection and maintenance of your windows are neglected, you may be compromising the structural integrity and longevity of one of your building’s most critical components.

Window cleaning also helps to provide optimal light for the well being of occupants, pets and plants. One of the most cost-effective, efficient and safe services for comprehensive window cleaning and maintenance is professional rope access window cleaning.

Professional rope access technicians, like the ones here at Abseilers United Sydney, are highly-trained professionals who can access your windows and fixtures by utilising their abseiling skills and talents.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of hiring a professional rope access technician and why the team here at Abseilers United Sydney are your best choice for rope access Window Cleaning.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning is performed by a rope access technician who specialises in abseiling. Abseiling, also known as rappelling, is the controlled descent down a structure, such as a sheer rock face or a building, utilising fixed ropes, anchor points and harnesses.

Traditionally the skill of climbers, mountaineers, and search and rescue professionals, this art has in recent times been adapted for use in building cleaning, inspection and maintenance services.

The rope access technicians here at Abseilers United Sydney, have experience in all aspects of commercial and industrial abseiling and rope access solutions.

The benefits of hiring a rope access technician

When people think about high rise window cleaners, they might often envision a couple of tradespeople working on a safety platform that raises and lowers via a pulley system.

Traditionally, this has been the most common way to clean and maintain a building’s exterior surface. So what are the benefits of booking a rope access window cleaning service over the usual methods? 

Who can benefit from rope access window cleaning?

Anyone who owns or manages a commercial, industrial or residential high-rise building can save money and be provided with better cleaning and maintenance solution by utilising a team of rope access professionals.

Examples of structures where rope access window cleaning may be applicable include:

  • Multi-story residential apartment blocks
  • Corporate office high-rises
  • Sporting facilities and stadiums
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Industrial buildings
  • Large-scale glass atriums and greenhouses
  • Multi-use buildings and more

Rope access technicians have the added benefit of 360° of motion and complete structure access, providing you with a superior clean, inspection, and maintenance service.

Cost-effective Rope Access Technician

Old school window cleaning methods can be expensive, not just due to the dangerous nature of the work; it also takes a long time to set up, secure, safety check and deploy large, cumbersome window cleaning apparatus.

A well trained, professional rope access technician, like the ones here at Abseilers United, can set up, secure, descend and get to work in a fraction of the time it takes traditional high-risk window cleaners.

A qualified rope access technician is also free from the restrictions of a scaffold apparatus, meaning they can access, clean and inspect your building exterior effectively, providing you with cleaner windows, comprehensive inspections and quicker maintenance with things like window caulking.

Many window cleaners also only offer a cleaning service, meaning that you must seek another provider for inspection and basic maintenance, costing you more time and money.

Rope Access – The safer way

Rope access window cleaning requires a lot less equipment and safety points than classic window cleaning techniques. As a result, less equipment, people-power, and apparatus reduce or remove many risk factors from the job.

Some examples of how rope access window cleaning is safer than outdated window cleaning methods include:

  • No scaffolding or apparatus is required, meaning less drop or rescue hazards and less chance of apparatus failure.
  • Rope access technicians require less equipment, reducing other risk factors that often come with traditional window cleaning systems.
  • If a rescue is required, the same team can access their work colleague with minimal risk and without emergency services.
  • Rope access window cleaning is more efficient than traditional models, meaning the abseiling professional spends less time in harm’s way.

Rope access window cleaning has a proven track record for being the safest way to clean and maintain windows and building exteriors.

Want to know more? Contact one of our expert rope access technicians today for more information about our services for rope access, Sydney.


Rope access window cleaning is performed with little to no environmental impacts compared to other window cleaning and building inspection and maintenance solutions.

Rope access technicians use a fraction of the water required for more traditional methods, and need no major fittings or structures added to perform their work. Abseiling professionals also require much less equipment to complete their services and use fewer materials and fewer waste products.

This is not only good for the planet and the environment; it also reduces the cost of their cleaning and maintenance services. Abseiling equipment is also easier to maintain than classic window cleaning apparatus and lasts a long time, making it low pollution and minimal waste industry.

Abseilers United Sydney: Professional, experienced rope access services

The team here at Abseilers United are a qualified and experienced team of rope access technicians who can take care of all aspects of high-risk rope access work for commercial and industrial applications.

Other professional rope access services we provide include but are not limited to:

  • Height safety systems and maintenance
  • Comprehensive rope access licensed trade support services
  • Building inspection, maintenance and restoration solutions
  • High-risk abseiling services and more

For more information about our services for rope access, Sydney, and surrounding regions, contact one of our friendly staff today. Send your enquiry via our online contact form, and one of our consultants can contact you at a preferred time.

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Pros and Cons of being an Abseiler

Pros and Cons of being an Abseiler

Imagine jumping off of a building hanging on a rope. When you look down, people seem to be ants and the cars are like little toys. That’s the scenario you get as an Abseiler. Six, ten, twenty, thirty level building and more, that’s our workplace.

“I’m afraid of heights”. We hear that a lot. But, of course we overcome this feeling and actually we enjoy being at heights.  It can be scary if you think about it, but safety is the basics of our job. It is indeed a risky job, but we manage it with safety techniques and also skill. 

Pros of being an Abseiler

One of the best things about being an Abseiler, for me, and I guess many of my colleagues will agree, is the view. Each building has its own beautiful landscape to appreciate when you are up there. Plus, you can get awesome pictures!

Cons of being an Abseiler

It may look like Abseilers are having a good time hanging here and there, but it’s not as easy as it seems. This job requires a lot of body strength and a full day of work can make you very tired after a couple drops. Carrying heavy equipment, getting dirty (you don’t realise just how dirty the buildings are until you do this job), having calluses on your hands and dealing with hot weather or strong winds are all part of the job that only those who do it, knows. 


Overall, it’s a very rewarding job, especially when you are descending (best and funniest moment, haha). So, no matter the height or the task, we are up to it. Getting it done with safety and quality.

This post was written by Raphael Schuller, Abseilers United team member.

Career as an Abseiler

So if you think you have got what it takes to become and Abseiler, you have no fear of heights, are physically strong and are prepared to get your hands dirty, then the first step is to get some training.  To be eligible to work as an Abseiler you will need either an IRATA level 1 qualification or SPRAT level 1 qualification, then its time to get your white card and some experience.  Ask a company for a trial or work experience if you are finding it difficult to find work initially.  

CONTACT US If you are an Abseiler and looking for a job with Abseilers United please email or give us a call on (02) 9976 6768

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Are your Anchor Points Certified

Are your Anchor Points Certified?

To comply with AS/NZ 1891 – Industrial Fall Arrest Systems or with AS/NZ 4488 – Industrial Rope
Access systems, it is necessary to inspect and service anchor points and static line systems a minimum
of once per year. Also, after prolonged periods during which the system has been out of use, or in the
event of a fall taking place on the system.

It is also a requirement that (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (harnesses, lanyards, etc.) are inspected at intervals of no more than six months.

abseilers sydey - anchor point requirement

A log of all inspections and certifications should be maintained by the system owner.  Abseilers United provide anchor certificates, reminders of your next inspection, compliance plates with the dates of inspection and we also tag each individual anchor after inspection.

Abseilers United Sydney have trained height safety installers and can certify your anchors, in fact, it is our preference to install the anchors that we might use again in the future for other rope access works.

Discounts are available should we certify your anchors whilst conducting other rope access building maintenance we might perform such as window cleaning, caulking, sealing window leaks, high pressure facade wash etc.

Please contact us to certify your anchor points today!  Or if you would like a site inspection we can best advise you on a roof layout and provide you with a quote to install new anchors.

We wish you every success with your access system.

What is an anchor point?

An anchor point is an essential element in height safety. Used for rope access, anchor points are a vital part of fall arrest systems on the roofs and facades of buildings and other high structures. Anchor points are used to firmly connect to things like lanyards, lifelines, and other forms of tie-off, which make sure a person does not fall when working at heights. Anchors on a roof vary from a simple D-ring connection to more complex roof anchor systems.

Why are anchor points required?

Under the Work Health and Safety Act, anywhere that work is done within 2 meters of an unprotected edge that could result in a fall of 2 meters or more, fall protection is required. Anchor points are a crucial part of fall protection. Does your building comply with the new regulations?

Contact Us today, Abseilers United can complete a comprehensive height safety audit for your Sydney-based organisation.

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Infection Control Training for COVID-19 Completed

Infection Control Training for COVID-19 Completed

Abseilers United extends our very best wishes to you and your families as Australia adjusts to what now seems a new normal life as a result of the COVID-19 situation. We hope you are all safe and well and staying indoors as best as you can.

ur team are still busy working outdoors and we are pleased to continue to offer our abseiling team full time work.

We wanted to update you that all team members have completed the Australian Government’s Department of Health ‘Infection Control Training – COVID-19’ online training course. This ensures that our team are trained in and are practicing safe procedures of infection control at our client properties.

Our team are available to continue to assist you with any of the following services.   We are only too happy to help. If you live in Sydney, Australia contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Abseilers United  – Sydney’s Trusted Rope Access Technicians, specialising in:

Height Safety installations
– anchor installation
– safety line installation
– ladder bracket installation
– height safety assessment and design
– anchor certification

Building maintenance including:
– Window cleaning
– Gutter cleaning
– Caulking
– Painting
– Water pressure cleaning
– Facade repairs

Banner installations
Bush regeneration

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear valued client,

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe during this uncertain time.

My staff and I are taking the recent developments very seriously and we are operating under the guidance of the Australian Government and their recommendations for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

The team are fully operational and will continue to be available to help you with any rope access requirements.

Our work is outdoors, and our relatively low contact with people is a low health risk and we will continue to maintain best practices in relation to the COVID-19, which we review daily.

By continuing to do our work, we also help maintain a critical base flow of economic activity and continue to provide our staff with ongoing work opportunities.

If you and your organisation have projects that you want completing whether it be rope access: window cleaning, window sealing and caulking, painting, banner installations or if you need height safety installations or anchor certifications we can still help you make that happen.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange for a free quote.

Stay well.

Stan Cortes
General Manager and the team at Abseilers United

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5 Reasons to Hang Signs & Banners at Heights

5 Reasons to Hang Signs & Banners at Heights

At Abseilers United, we perform dozens of services for industrial and commercial clients across the Sydney region. Whether we’re performing standby rescue or handling industrial rope access in confined spaces, our focus is always 100% on safety. As professional rope access technicians, we’re trained to manage a vast range of tasks at heights. One task that we particularly enjoy is the installation of signs and banners. Need one of these elements displayed at a high point on your building’s exterior? We can help! Check out these 5 reasons hanging banners and signs at heights could be a great idea for your company.

Your Message Won’t Go Unnoticed

There are many ways to advertise a grand opening, big event, or other significant occasion. “Traditional” methods have their advantages, but when you’re looking to really get the word out, a banner situated metres above the ground can get the job done. Hanging a banner several storeys up can be seen at a great distance. A bright, attractive banner is easily noticed even from the ground. If it is installed at eye level with other high rise buildings, you are reaching another audience, as well. If you’ve got something to announce, make sure your words are heard loud and clear.

Banners at Heights Make a Statement

Not only does signage at heights attract attention, it also brings with it a certain kind of attention. Large banners flown high in the air are naturally more unique and intriguing, and this means their messages are usually seen as more important. They also don’t get lose in the chaos of advertisements at street level.

Banners at heights carry more weight; they make people take notice. If a business spends the time having a banner or sign installed at heights, it usually makes the statement that this company is serious about what they’re sharing. This is good for a commercial reputation and also yields an unforgettable experience for the viewer.

Establish Your Presence

A commercial building in a major city like Sydney needs to stand out. In most of the world’s major urban areas, high rise buildings are emblazoned with the logos of the businesses housed within. This has become a way to gain recognition within a city, and to fully establish your presence. Large businesses comprising an entire high rise won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to hang their namesake sign at heights.

Signs Can Share a Great Deal

What kind of signs can you hang? The possibilities are endless, but common options include logos and business names/permanent signage, banners advertising sales, grand openings, and other big events, and notices for commercial or residential spaces for rent. Be as creative as you’d like. If you have a sign, banner, or other display to be installed at heights, our Sydney rope access team can handle it.

They Can Be Temporary or Permanent

Thinking about the permanency of these elements? Both signs and banners situated at heights can be removed at any time in the future. In fact, we offer sign and banner removal amongst our services, as well as maintenance. If you want to keep making a statement and getting attention, you can replace your banners regularly. Abseilers United is ready to take care of this for you.

Let’s talk about your needs! When you’re ready to have a sign or banner safely, professionally installed, give our team a call.

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Rigging & Lifting: Abseiling Services for Moving & Transport

Abseiling services for moving – When you’re moving home or office, it’s not uncommon to have items that seem to be impossible to transport. When moving into a high rise building, or even a more modest structure, there is often no way to move certain items “traditionally.” Entryways may be too narrow, or the item may be excessively heavy. In such circumstances, you can call on an abseiling team for help.

At Abseilers United, we’re not just experts in height safety and licensed trades at heights, we’re also skilled at transport via rigging, lifting, and lowering. Could you benefit from our services for your next move? We don’t just assist movers, either, but often work with contractors, builders, and more. Read on to find out about this unique service.

abseilers services rigging    abseilers services rigging

Abseiling Services for Moving 

Building Works in Progress

One of the most common uses for our rope access rigging and lifting is for works in progress. Contractors and builders know that there are often situations in which there is great difficulty delivering materials and parts to a high point on a structure.

Yet, such equipment may be essential to continued progress on a building. On occasions when cranes cannot access an area, or cannot safely convey an item, rope access can be the solution. With our enormous focus on safe work at heights, our team of expert abseilers can securely rig and lift materials and equipment of all sizes, weights, and dimensions, delivering it to its destination in the sky. During the building process, don’t forget to consider Abseilers United.

The Heavy Lifting

We don’t just move equipment and materials to high points; we frequently transport everyday items. From the tallest skyscrapers to “regular” homes, our rigging and lifting can be utilised for furniture, works of art, unwieldy items such as pianos, and much more. This service is a godsend in situations when a doorway does not allow room to carry in an item or when there is virtually no other way to deliver it several storeys above the ground.

Plus, you can always depend on our team to keep items in prime condition during their journey. Abseiling services will save the day for businesses and property owners. Got an unusual item that needs moving? Ask us about it, and we’ll do our best to find the solution.

Rigging for Demolition

Sometimes, we don’t just move items to a new location, we help to take them away. In the event of a controlled demolition, our team of rope access technicians can be on hand to safely remove heavy or hazardous items prior to the main event. This service allows for a more secure demolition and allows the preservation of specific items or building features, if necessary.

Leading Sydney Abseilers – Always an Eye on Safety

There are countless situations in which businesses and individuals can benefit from the skills of rope access. In our industrial rigging and lifting services, you can rely on Abseilers United to offer the strictest standards of safety, quality, and customer service. Our main priority, without question, is always safe work for our team and for others. Whatever work you need to be completed at heights or in hard-to-access areas, we’re the Sydney height safety experts to call [(02) 9976 6768].

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