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High Rise Building Maintenance Services

We established Abseilers United in 2007 with the goal of being the go-to service for rope access technical solutions and high-rise building maintenance Sydney-wide—and after over 15 years of service, we are confident we have achieved that objective.

Our team of expert rope access technicians share decades of combined experience, providing us with the scope and ability to offer a comprehensive range of rope access services. This means safer, more cost-effective, and more efficient solutions for high-rise maintenance. Read on to learn more.

The benefits of rope access maintenance

Traditionally, large, cumbersome utilities were needed to access various points on a high-rise complex when maintenance was required.

Over the last few decades, many building managers and property owners have discovered that abseilers, known as rope access technicians, could provide a safer, more accurate, less costly and less disruptive solution to achieve the same objective.


A traditional height access worker would require a range of heavy civil machinery or apparatus to perform basic maintenance tasks, such as:

  • Height access platforms
  • Cherry pickers
  • Scissor lifts
  • Scaffolding
  • Cranes
  • and more

These utilities were expensive to hire and created safety hazards that affected building staff and bystanders, requiring disruption to foot traffic, safety signage, and safety control staff at the cost of building management.

A rope access technician requires no more than a safe anchor point on a structure and their abseiling equipment, which consists of a basic two-rope system, a harness, their ascending and descending control devices, and their trade tools.

While rope access technicians’ jobs may look dangerous to the untrained eye, rope access safety records are exemplary, especially compared to other height access methods.

High-efficiency maintenance

When using traditional height access methods, space would have to be made for the civil machinery, or large apparatus would have to be erected from a building’s edge to deploy a platform—this can take a lot of preparation and pack-down time.

Civil machinery may take hours to set up before any work can be started, and in the case of scaffolding, the preparation time could take a week or longer. However, on average, a rope access technician can be set up and on the job within approximately an hour, with pack-up time around the same.

For jobs where the work needs to be spanned over days or weeks, the machinery or equipment would have to remain set up, while rope access technicians can easily set up and pack down at the end of each work day. This makes rope access work a much more efficient method of performing high-rise maintenance.

A more cost-effective building maintenance service

The fact that rope access maintenance workers can work safer, with less equipment, and with more efficiency translates directly to the total of the invoice when the work is completed.

There is no additional equipment hire, no need to hire extra staff to monitor safety for bystanders, and little to no disruption to daily operations. This makes rope access maintenance the obvious choice when it comes to maintaining or reducing a building’s maintenance budget.

We set the standard for high-rise building maintenance Sydney-wide

Our rope access specialists provide a comprehensive range of expert trade and maintenance solutions, covering nearly every aspect of a high-rise building’s maintenance requirements. Read on to discover more about our high-rise building maintenance services.

High-rise window cleaning

High-building window cleaning keeps your building looking its best and ensures that occupants and plant life in the building receive quality sunlight, creating a healthier, more productive environment for residents, workers, and pets.

Our high-rise window cleaning experts are some of the best in the business and are responsible for some of the most prominent buildings on the Sydney skyline.

Rope access glazing and window replacement

Just like ground-level buildings, window glass can get broken and sometimes need replacement of the full window structure. The dangers of glazing at heights may seem extreme; however, to our highly trained and skilled rope access glaziers and window technicians, it’s just another day on the job.

We provide a safer, more efficient way to perform window replacement and maintenance, getting your building back up to code in next to no time.

Rope access waterproofing

High-rise buildings are subject to high winds, extreme weather, and harsh U.V. radiation from the sun. This breaks down waterproofing applications over time, leaving your building prone to leaks that can make their way into occupied spaces and wreak havoc on utilities like air conditioning, electrical utilities, I.T. networks and more.

Our expert rope access caulking and sealing professionals have you covered, providing expert assessment and performance of waterproofing maintenance with skill and efficiency that is unique to rope access technicians.

Rope access painting and rendering

Rope access painting professionals are being used more and more as they have proven to be a more thorough, accurate and safe alternative to more high-rise painting maintenance.

Your high-rise paintwork does more than maintain your building’s aesthetics; it also helps to protect critical building structures from premature degradation from harsh sun and weather exposure.

Rope access maintenance and trade services

Our extensive rope access trade technician network can care for all your height access maintenance needs. Other high-rise building maintenance and trade services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Brick pointing
  • Building defects
  • Electricians
  • Landscaping and bush regeneration
  • Height access plumbers
  • Rope access pest control
  • Stone masonry maintenance
  • Signage cleaning and installation
  • and more

If you are looking for a better way to perform safer, more efficient and affordable high-rise building maintenance in Sydney, call our expert rope access technicians at Abseiler United today, and see why we are one of the biggest and best rope access services in New South Wales.

Abseilers United: Excellence in high-rise maintenance in Sydney

If you are looking for the best high-rise building maintenance Sydney offers, call our helpdesk today to book a no-obligation free quote with one of our helpful and friendly consultants and discover why more building managers and property owners are choosing our rope access technicians for high-rise maintenance in Sydney.

Call (02) 9976 6768 to speak to our reception, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and a representative will respond promptly.

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Abseiling Services for Building Maintenance

Many challenges can arise when managing the maintenance of a building – particularly for the building manager, who doesn’t always have direct access or know how to approach confined spaces or roofs.

You need a team of abseiling experts who understand high-rise buildings to look after your high-rise and difficult-access building maintenance needs. You also need people who understand their client’s needs, so communication and friendly and professional service are key.

Abseilers United know how to get the job done right. We understand high-rise building maintenance in Sydney like no one else. This article highlights our abseiling services for building maintenance to help you with your high-rise maintenance needs.

Abseiling High-Rise Building Maintenance in Sydney

High-rise building maintenance is a big business in Sydney. Highly-skilled professionals are needed to conduct a thorough inspection of the building site, ensuring a detailed assessment is communicated to the property manager.

The Abseillers United team specialise in high-rise and difficult-to-access building maintenance. Our expert team of industrial abseilers can look after your high-rise and difficult-access building maintenance needs.

 We offer a range of abseiling services for building maintenance to service your building needs. Below is a list of the services we offer at Aseillers United.

High-Rise Window Cleaning

If your high-rise building needs window cleaning, we can help. We wash, squeegee, and buff up windows on some of the tallest and most complex buildings and structures across the Sydney CBD and suburbs.

We also focus on residential, strata, commercial and industrial properties, using rope access techniques and anchor points to get the job done safely and professionally.

Caulking and Sealing

Over time, buildings suffer from water leakages in inaccessible areas and need windows sealed. Caulking and sealing at height requires professionals with rope access. That’s where we come into our own.

Whether the problem is at heights or in hard-to-reach confined spaces, we perform a localised and highly detailed water-testing solution to find the source of the leak and fix the issue accordingly, so you won’t need to worry about leakages for a long time.

Waterproofing at Heights via Rope Access

Waterproofing your building can improve your building’s lifespan and avoid water leaks. So, if a rainy week has reminded you to investigate how waterproof your high-rise is, give us a call!

Not only can we prevent water leakages without permanent waterproofing and leak repairs, but we can also handle emergencies.

Waterproofing and rope access are perfect for those seeking a cost-effective building maintenance solution. 

Mortar Replacement, Tuck Pointing And Brick Re-Pointing Services Via Rope Access

Mortar joints between bricks or masonry elements can perish over time and must be repaired. Regularly repairing the brick walls and mortar can be costly and time-intensive, especially when the building maintenance manager needs to tackle this work.

We can replace mortar, re-point bricks on high-rises efficiently and professionally, and work with your maintenance manager to get the job done right.

Depending on the composition of the wall, the brickwork may require painting work to finish it up. We can handle this too. After thoroughly inspecting the issue, we ensure that the whole area is free of hazards from the old mortar. 

High Rise Rope Access Painting, Rendering and Concrete Repairs

Painting and rendering at heights is a specialist skill. To ensure your job is carried out properly, quickly – and safely – you need qualified professionals. The Abseilers United team blends years of industrial abseiling experience with painting and rendering expertise.

We also carry out work for specific painting and rendering requirements. Our high-rise and difficult-access painting and rendering services include:

We pack up at the end of every day (or night). That means no inconvenient, cumbersome scaffolding or powered machinery will disrupt your business.

Pressure Cleaning And Soft Wash Via Rope Access

The periodic cleaning of building site surfaces adds value and longevity to the building, and a clean building is efficient.

At Abseilers United, we have the technical know-how and expertise to wash any high-rise building in the Sydney CBD and suburbs,  using high-quality pressure cleaning and building soft wash techniques to do the job right.

For those hard-to-clean areas on buildings and other high-rise structures, Abseilers United provides high and low-pressure cleaning services using rope access techniques to help maintain your building.

We use state-of-the-art industrial abseiling techniques to access buildings without needing expensive, disruptive, and unsightly scaffolding or powered machinery. 

Installations And Repairs of All Kinds via Rope Access

Need an air-conditioning unit installed or a lightbulb replaced in a hard-to-reach area? Abseilers United can help. Our expert team of tradespeople means we can offer our clients a wide range of trades and services for difficult-to-reach areas.

No job is too big or too small. Contact us to discuss your repair and installation requests, and we can provide you with a fully comprehensive quote. No job is too big or too small if it’s in a difficult-to-reach area.

Why choose Abseilers United?

At United Abseilers, we are experts in high-rise building maintenance projects from strata developments and residential and commercial high-rise buildings in Sydney since 2007. Our team is IRATA and SPRAT qualified, and we lead the way in height safety, rope access, working at heights, building maintenance and confined space work.

When you choose Abseliers United for your abseiling services, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out quickly, safely, and hassle-free. Our team of professional abseilers, painters, and renderers means we can tackle any high-rise maintenance project.

Communication is key to success and a happy client. Our teams liaise with the relevant people, including building maintenance and property management, to discuss any issues, or we can perform a comprehensive structural assessment and walk you through the process with no fluff or technical jargon.

The Abseilers United team blends years of industrial abseiling experience with painting and rendering expertise, making our business the business of choice in Sydney.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your next high-rise project.

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How to Find the Best High-Rise Painting Contractor in Sydney

Painting a high-rise building is no small feat. It takes considerable planning, careful preparation, and the correct permits and licences to ensure the project goes smoothly and safely. Rope Access Painting service is important If you are a property manager, strata manager or owner of a high-rise development looking for a painting contractor, it’s a job you want the painter to get done right the first time around.

Given the scale and cost of high-rise painting, both painter and the client must establish a good working relationship to ensure the lines of communication are kept open and in doing so, help to reduce fixes that may be required down the track.

In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing the best high-rise painter in Sydney.

At Abseilers United, we couple experience in high-rise and rope access painting in Sydney with extensive knowledge in working on high-risk and complex projects to ensure we deliver the right outcome for our clients.

Considerations when choosing a rope access painting contractor?

High-rise and rope-access painting projects are very challenging for painting companies because of their unique requirements. Building heights, weather conditions and stringent safety protocols contribute to making painting high-rise buildings at elevated heights logistically tricky.

Experienced Rope Access Painter in Sydney

You want to have complete confidence that your building will be painted by experts, so hiring a company with experience in high-rise and rope-access painting is very important.  

What separates high-rise painting from regular painting is the experience in high-rise environments. Unlike maintaining smaller buildings, painting a multistory building involves skills and safety precautions beyond what a painter working on a smaller site might experience. It is not to say that a regular painter is any less of a painter, but it has more to do with the extreme risks and challenges of working at height. 

Cost of Rope Access Painting in Sydney

Cost is often a determining factor when choosing a high-rise painter. In Sydney, one of the most expensive cities in the world, this means that price and competition can be fierce. But quality, safety and professionalism are also, if not more important.

When you often go for the cheapest, you are likely to lose out on quality and professionalism, so it’s extremely important to consider getting the right people to facilitate your project over and above saving money.

Rope Access Painting Insurance 

You want peace of mind on a multi-story painting project, so you should ensure your high-rise painter has two types of insurance. The first is insurance that protects your property from damage by the contractor. The other protects the workers and you while working on your property.

Safety in Rope Access Painting

Safety should always be a consideration, so finding a painter with an excellent safety track record is critical.

United Abseiling has an excellent safety record, so you can feel confident your project will be in good hands. We work hard to ensure the safety of our workers, the building tenants, pedestrians, and traffic below.

Durability of Rope Access Painting Job

You want to make sure your building is painted well and is something you don’t want to have to think about every year, so durability matters.

United Abseillers ensure that your high rises won’t just be getting a visual makeover but are protected for years to come, further reducing your costs in the long run.

Why choose Abseilers United?

At Abseilers United, we are experts in high-rise building painting projects from strata developments and residential and commercial high-rise buildings in Sydney since 2007. Our team is IRATA and SPRAT qualified, and we lead the way in height safety, rope access, working at heights, building maintenance and confined space work.

When you choose Abseliers United for your high-rise painting project, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out quickly, safely, and hassle-free. Our team of professional abseilers and painters, and renderers means we can tackle any high-rise painting project.

If you are not fully equipped with the relevant information regarding any defects or problem areas, we will be able to help. Our team can liaise with the relevant people, including building maintenance and property management, to discuss any issues, or we can perform a comprehensive structural assessment.

We also carry out work for specific painting and rendering requirements. Our high-rise and difficult-access painting and rendering services include:

    • Rendering over brick, concrete, cement, and stone
    • Cement and acrylic render
    • Repairs of cracks and patches
    • Painting and repainting new and existing buildings, bridges, silos, and structures of any kind
    • Restoration and painting of timber window sills and frames

We pack up at the end of every day (or night), meaning no inconvenient, cumbersome scaffolding or powered machinery disrupting your business.

Abseilers United offer so much more than your average painter. Not only can Abseilers United paint your high-rise building, but we also are experts in the following:

    • Rope access for height safety
    • Anchor points
    • Building Maintainance
    • Window cleaning
    • Caulking and Sealing
    • Walkway and Handrails

Our comprehensive height safety management services ensure contractors and workers at height are safe and risks are reduced. 

We are experienced in height safety audits, maintenance and compliance management inspections and can tailor any project to suit the needs of our clients. 

We offer a full suite of rope access cleaning and maintenance services with the same attention to detail and professionalism that make us the premier high-rise building maintenance and painting business in Sydney.

Are you looking for the best rope access painting company in Sydney?

When considering a professional rope access painter, it’s essential to select the right professionals to get the job done. While there are many things to consider, safety experience and service should be top of the list.

When you need a high-rise or rope access painter, you need people who you can trust. The Abseilers United team blends years of industrial abseiling experience with painting and rendering expertise, making our business the business of choice in Sydney.

Abseilers United is a full-service maintenance and painting company that can help with your property maintenance needs.

Contact Us today to see how we can help with your next high-rise project.

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Window Cleaning via Rope Access Residential, Commercial & Strata _ Abseilers United Sydney

Why Regular Window Cleaning is Important

Having clean windows on your high-rise or multi-storey building makes the property look its best. However, is window cleaning essential maintenance? Although window glass is a very robust material, it does require regular maintenance to maintain clarity and structural integrity.

This article will discuss the importance of window maintenance and show why rope access window cleaning has become the preferred method of building window cleaning by property owners and building maintenance managers Australia-wide.

Why is high-rise window cleaning important?

There are many benefits to regularly scheduled high-rise building window cleaning; some practical and some for aesthetic benefits. Read on to learn more about the importance of high-rise window cleaning.

Improves your building’s curb appeal

The most obvious benefit to having your building windows cleaned regularly is that it makes your property look fantastic—this is especially relevant in high-rise properties where most of the building’s facia is glass windows.

Whether the building is residential, commercial, or a multi-use complex, having clean windows makes your building more appealing to high-quality tenants and makes good impressions on customers and clients.

Clean windows also help keep the building appealing if it is up for sale or if there are commercial spaces for lease where high-paying long-term tenants are the targeted market.

Regular window cleaning helps to prevent premature glass degradation

While glass is an incredibly tough material, it can suffer premature degradation from poor maintenance and cleaning protocols.

Examples of elements that threaten a window’s structural integrity and performance include:

  • Airborne particles
  • Automotive pollution
  • Airborne biological compounds
  • Hard water
  • Polluted rain
  • Acidic compounds
  • Salty air
  • Dust, dirt and grime
  • and more

These compounds can create scratch hazards and affect your glass quality and strength.

The best way to avoid premature window degradation is to book a regularly scheduled high-rise window cleaner, like a rope access window cleaner, to ensure your windows stay clean and clear.

It helps to improve your building’s air quality

While you may think dirt and grime only build up on the outside of your windows, an inspection of your air conditioning ducts may show otherwise.

Interior windows can harbour dust and particles that become airborne and circulate inside your building, reducing the air quality that people and pets breathe. One of the most concerning inside pollutants can be mycotoxins like mould, which are linked to a wide range of significant adverse health problems.

Keeping the inside of your windows clean can help to reduce the potentially harmful airborne particles in your building, especially when air conditioning is running.

Improves sunlight quality for people and plants

Another health benefit of having clean windows for human, animal and plant life is a better quality of sunlight. While it may appear that the sunlight is getting through the dirt on the windows, the reduced quality of light does diminish the health and protective benefits of natural light.

Examples of the types of benefits adequate, unobstructed natural light can produce include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved vitamin D absorption
  • Better health for indoor plants
  • Reduction in allergens
  • Less eye strain
  • Improved productivity and better morale in work teams
  • Reduced mycotoxin growth
  • Less airborne pathogens
  • and more

Natural light promotes a healthier environment in nearly every way, so hiring a high-rise window cleaning expert regularly is well worth the investment.

Our rope-access window cleaners at Abseilers United settle for nothing but the cleanest windows possible. Call (02) 9976 6768 for more information about our Sydney-based rope access window cleaning services.

Improves heating efficiency

Although Australia is known for its hot weather and beach lifestyle, winter weather from Sydney to Australia’s Southern regions can get very cold.

Having dirty windows can reduce the amount of UV light that enters a building, reducing the heat produced by the sun, which can contribute to unnecessarily high energy bills from excess heating requirements.

While clean windows may not completely stop your need to turn up the thermostat, they can provide enough heat to significantly reduce your heating requirements in the colder seasons—good for your power bill and the environment.

Different types of high-rise window cleaning

Many methods of high-rise window cleaning have been employed since the building boom of the early 19th century. Some have stood the test of time, while others are seeing a rapid decline.

Some examples of these high-rise window cleaning methods include:

  • Suspended work platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Cherry pickers
  • Height-work cages
  • Scissor lifts
  • and more

Some of these methods, while effective, require cumbersome, heavy and expensive equipment that takes a long time to set up and pack down.

One of the most popular, cost-effective, and safe high-rise window cleaning methods is employing a rope access window cleaning technician.

What is rope access window cleaning?

A rope access window cleaner, generally referred to as a rope access technician, employs the skill of abseiling or rappeling to clean windows on high structures, like high-rise and multi-storey buildings.

Abseiling is the art of using ropes, harnesses and friction devices to control the ascent and descent of a sheer face, like a cliff or a high-rise building.

A rope access window cleaning technician uses a main rope and safety rope system fixed to an anchor point on the building, which is then attached to a harness that allows the tech to work up and down the glass building front with all their tools attached to the harness. Rope access window cleaners are often cheaper as they require less equipment, space and time to perform the same job as other traditional window cleaning methods.

The efficiency, affordability and safety record of rope access window cleaners are making them an ever more popular option for building window maintenance across Sydney and Australia.

Abseilers United: The industry leaders for rope access window cleaning Sydney-wide

With decades of combined experience throughout our highly-skilled rope access team, it is no wonder Abseilers United is becoming the prefered choice for rope access window cleaning in Sydney and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

As well as rope access window cleaning, we also provide a wide range of other rope access services, including:

  • Height safety consulting and installation
  • Rope access trades
  • Rope access building maintenance
  • High-risk rope access work
  • Emergency safety rope access
  • and more

For more information about our rope access window cleaning services, or any of our other abseiling specialist solutions, call us today on (02) 9976 6768, or fill in our easy email form, and we can contact you at your convenience.

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Window Cleaning Via Rope Access - Abseilers United Sydney

How to Clean Windows on Tall Buildings

High-rise window cleaning is an essential maintenance requirement for multi-story residential and corporate buildings to ensure that:

  • Sufficient natural light permeates the building
  • Dirt and grime do not create premature structural degradation
  • A high-rise complex looks its best on the urban skyline

Since the construction boom of the 1860s, the profession of high-rise window cleaning has been an essential maintenance trade and has seen some significant changes in window cleaning methods and technologies.

Read on to learn more about high-rise window cleaning and how it is executed by a high-rise window cleaning specialist.

A brief history of window cleaning

Before the industrial boom of the 1860s, window cleaning was usually the job of servants and groundskeepers; however, as the building boom expanded into the 19th century, window cleaners became a required trade around the world.

In the early 1900s, the first version of a staple tool used by a professional building window cleaner was invented, called the Chicago squeegee, which mimicked a fisherman’s tool used to scrape and clean surfaces on a boat.

The squeegee cleans window cleaning solutions off windows, leaving them streak-free. The squeegee, as it still resembles today, was invented by Italian inventor Ettore Steccone in 1936 and was much smaller and lighter than the original Chicago squeegee.

Ettore Products Co is still a leading global provider of professional-grade squeegees and window cleaning products today.

Methods of high-rise window cleaning

Throughout the modern history of professional high-rise window cleaning, many methods and apparatus have been implemented to make high-rise window cleaning more efficient, safe, and economical.

Single and dual-person cages

Traditionally, one of the most common methods of window cleaning is via suspended working platforms known as cages, or height work access platforms which are operated via a pulley system that raises and lowers the safety cage up and down the building face by a manual or mechanical system.

While effective, these systems can take a lot of time to set up and pack down and have been known to get into trouble during sudden gusts of winds or changes in weather conditions.

Motorised height access appliances

A wide range of height access appliances is used for some window cleaning duties—this could include industrial height access appliances such as:

  • Scissor lifts
  • Cherry pickers
  • Crane or forklift-assisted work cages and more

While these methods are effective, they are restricted by building height and can also be subjected to sudden high winds and extreme weather changes.

They also take time to set up, require bystander safety security measures, and are expensive to hire, purchase and maintain. These costs are often passed down to the client or building management.


Scaffolding is often only used for high-rise window cleaning when other major maintenance or renovations occur. Scaffolding is a complex system of structural frameworks and platforms that can take days, weeks or even months to set up and pack down and comes with a high cost.

Rope access window cleaning

One of the most popular methods to date for high-rise window cleaning is by employing a rope access window cleaner. This window cleaning method has proven to be the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient high-rise window cleaning method worldwide. Read on to learn more about rope access window cleaning with an abseiling professional.

What is a rope access technician?

A rope access technician is a trade professional of one modality or another who is trained and qualified in the art of abseiling, also known as rappelling.

Abseiling uses a dual-rope, harness, and friction control system to ascend, descend, and traverse a sheer face, such as a rocky cliff or the face of a high-rise building.

An abseilers rig is controlled by working with two ropes attached to anchor points, often pre-installed into a building for rope access technicians, or via anchor points created by the rope access professional on a stable load-bearing structure.

One rope in the system is the main control rope, and the second is a safety rope for fall arrest in the rare occurrence of an emergency, like a main rope or core anchor point failure.

These ropes are fed through friction control utilities, like carabiners and figure eight fittings, allowing the rope access technician to control the rope’s movement and locking while suspended from the anchor points.

All systems are attached to the rope access technician’s harness, which is fastened around the technician’s hips and legs, and, depending on the harness type, the back, and shoulders.

How a rope access technician performs high-rise window cleaning

Rope access technicians offer a safer, faster, and more affordable window cleaning solution for high-rise buildings, requiring no bulky apparatus or appliances and generally causing no interruptions to your building’s daily operations.

All tools and solutions are securely attached to the technician’s harness, including items such as:

  • Buckets
  • Glass scrapers
  • Sponge or T-bar wands
  • Squeegees
  • Rags or towels
  • Spare blades for squeegees and scrapers
  • Tool belt and more

They often work in teams of two or more and generally work from top to bottom, working their way around the building till the job is complete.

Most rope access windows cleaners can set up and pack down in around an hour or less, meaning there is no equipment or appliances left around at the end of each work day, making for a cleaner, safer work area.

Because no additional appliance, utility, or safety security hire is needed in most circumstances, hiring a rope access window cleaning specialist is generally significantly cheaper than other high-rise window cleaning methods.

Rope access window cleaning specialists can also get to places other utilities cannot reach, especially on unique architecturally designed buildings; this means rope access technicians can often provide a more thorough, superior finish than other methods.

Abseilers United: Industry-leading rope access window cleaning Sydney-wide

If you are a high-rise building manager or owner in the Sydney business district and want to experience the many benefits of hiring a rope access window cleaner, call us today on (02) 9976 6768.

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How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost?

Rope access window cleaning has become a prefered option by many property owners and building managers for cleaning their multi-storey and high-rise windows. Traditional methods often required bulky apparatus and civil machinery to perform window cleaning on high-rise buildings, including:

  • Scaffolding
  • Cranes
  • Scissor lifts
  • Height access platforms
  • Pulley-driven platforms and more

These high-rise window cleaning methods are cumbersome and disrupt normal daily building operations while presenting a potential safety risk.

Rope access window cleaning technicians require less space, equipment and time to perform the same job and often provide superior results.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Rope access window cleaners use the art of abseiling to descend and ascend buildings using an abseiling rope system. The general term for someone who provides an abseiling trade or service is a rope access technician.

Abseiling is the art of using ropes, harnesses and devices to scale a sheer face, like a cliff, tall structure, or in the case of a rope access window cleaner, the front of a high-rise building.

Rope access work via two ropes; the main line and a fall arrest safety line attached to a harness. The rope access technician controls their ascent and descent using a range of friction and locking devices like figure eight attachments and carabiners.

How do rope access window cleaners work?

A rope access window cleaner starts at the top of a structure, like a high-rise office complex or a multi-story residential building, and works their way down to ground level.

They fasten their dual rope system to an anchor point. There are various types of anchor points, many of which are pre-installed on a structure during construction. If no anchor points are available, a trained and qualified rope access technician will create one on a reliable structure using a sling or portable apparatus.

Once anchor points are established, the rope access window cleaner secures all tools and solutions to their harness and begins to descend the face of the building, working down and across to each windowpane until all windows are cleaned.

The benefits of rope access window cleaning

A rope access window cleaner provides many benefits over traditional window cleaning methods, including efficiency, safety and overall service costs.

Rope access: the safer way to clean windows

Although requiring minimal tools and solutions, a traditional height work window cleaner would need to operate cumbersome height access platforms or civil machinery for every windowpane in the building.

Not only is this time-consuming, but it is also dangerous and hard to pull up or take down quickly and safely if weather conditions change, like heavy rain, hail, or sudden high winds, which are becoming less predictable due to climate change.

Suppose a window cleaner is using a suspended platform in sudden heavy winds. In that case, there are also heightened risks of damage to the building or dangerous items falling to the ground below, creating a hazard for bystanders.

A rope access technician is much more dynamic in their ability to move around the sheer face of a structure, are more aerodynamic than a solid, suspended structure, and can quickly and efficiently move back to the top of a building or quickly descend the building face to safety.

The tools, cleaning solutions and other items used by a rope access window cleaner are tethered to the harness, meaning the risk of overhead hazards for bystanders is nullified.

While rope access work may seem extreme and dangerous to the uninitiated, rope access window cleaners have a significantly better safety record than other height risk window cleaning systems.

More efficient and more cost-effective

In most cleaning and maintenance services, time is money; the longer a job takes, the more the client pays.

Not only do civil machinery and apparatus used by traditional window cleaners cost an arm and a leg in hire prices, but they also take a long time to set up and pack down, every second of which makes its way to the invoice total.

Scaffolding, for example, is sometimes used for large-scale window cleaning, reconditioning, and maintenance. Depending on the height of the building, it can take up to a week to set up before work even starts, followed by an equally long pack-down period post operations.

Height work access platforms must be transported to the rooftop, assembled and secured before work can begin, which could take a day. These apparatus must also be moved across each building section to complete work, with pack-down taking equally as long.

Civil machinery, like scissor lifts and cherry pickers, must have space cleared for access, safety signage, and barricades applied. This potentially requires hired security or staff to direct foot traffic around operations; This disrupts business operations or resident access and is also costly and time-consuming.

All these methods require the equipment to be left in place for the duration of operations, creating other disruptions and hazards, which could be in place for days or weeks.

In comparison, a rope access technician can carry all ropes and equipment on their person in one trip. They can be set up in an hour or less and then packed down after a day’s work in the same time frame.

This efficiency and reduction of overheads translate directly to the invoice total, making rope access window cleaners significantly cheaper than other window cleaning solutions while also providing a safer and more thorough service.

How much does rope access window cleaning cost?

Many factors can influence the cost of rope access window cleaning, including:

  • Building height
  • The number of windows requiring service
  • The size of the windows
  • The intensity of the cleaning required
  • Accessibility and anchor points
  • Apparatus used if there are no anchor points
  • The shape and structure of a building
  • The amount of obstacles on the building face
  • The number of technicians required and more

These varying factors can mean rope access window cleaning could cost anywhere from $75 per hour to $1200 or more a day, making estimates unique to each building and the challenges they present.

Still, in almost all circumstances, rope access window cleaning is significantly more cost-effective and at lower risk than all other high-rise window cleaning methods and services.

Industry-leading rope access window cleaning Sydney-wide

If you are looking for elite rope access window cleaning services in Sydney with a proven track record for safety, efficiency, exemplary customer series and great results, then contact us here at Abseilers United today.

To arrange a free, no-obligation quote, call 02 9976 6768, or fill in our online quick quote form to receive a prompt estimate.

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Abseiling Sydney : What Do Window Cleaners Use on Skyscrapers?

Abseiling or  High-rise window cleaning has always been a job for the adventurous. Descending a high building, navigating the property’s design, and getting a satisfying streak-free finish; is a good day’s work for thrill seekers.

While many apparatus have been used for high-rise window cleaning throughout history, rope access, also known as abseiling or rappelling, has become a preferred option for high-rise window cleaning and is gaining popularity for many height risk services globally.

Read on to find out how skyscraper windows get cleaned by rope access technicians and why Abseilers United is an industry leader for high-rise window cleaning services in Sydney.

What is a high-rise rope access window cleaning?

Rope access technicians or high-rise window cleaners, use the art of abseiling or rappelling to descend or ascend a sheer face, such as a cliff, a high structure, or in the case of a window cleaning rope access service, a skyscraper.

A rope access technician uses a dual rope system, one main rope and a fall arrest or safety rope which are both attached to a harness or bosun’s chair to secure the technician to the structure via the ropes.

The ropes are attached to anchor points, either installed into the structure or made by rope access technicians. Then, the technician moves up and down the structure using friction control and locking devices, including figure eight and carabiners.

High-rise window cleaner or rope access technicians can also perform a diverse range of other trades and services, including:

  • Rope access height safety
  • Rope access plumbing and electrical
  • Rope access painting
  • Rope access pest control
  • Rope access signage
  • Rope access building maintenance and repairs
  • Rope access stand-by rescue and much more

Read on to learn the many benefits of hiring a rope access service and why Abseilers United offers the best high-rise window services Sydney-wide.

The benefits of rope access window cleaning

There is a range of factors that make rope access high-rise window cleaning services favourable over more traditional methods, which could include:

  • Scaffolding
  • Booms
  • Carriages
  • Scissor lifts
  • Height access platforms and more

A rope access technician’s rig is considerably smaller than these window cleaning utilities, providing a range of superior benefits.

The traditional high-rise window access methods can take a lot of time to set up and may require additional utilities, like security, public safety officers and signage to meet OH&S standards.

Installing or positioning this equipment or safety structures could take hours or, in the case of scaffolding, for example, up to a week to complete before work even commences. On top of this, it also potentially disrupts regular business operations, affecting productivity and profits.

Packing down could take just as long, and the staff hours and equipment hired would be tacked onto the final invoice, significantly increasing the cost of the service.

On average, a rope access technician can set up within an hour, complete the job required, and be packed up at the end of the day within the same time frame. This efficiency translates directly to the invoice total, saving companies considerably on the technician’s productivity time and with little to no disruption to operations.

Because a rope access technician is free to traverse difficult areas of the high-rise building without being restricted by a physical appliance, they can also often achieve a more thorough and consistent result.

Rope access also has a significantly better safety record than window cleaning services that require bulky appliances.

What type of buildings is a rope access window cleaning service called out to?

While a skyscraper may be the most obvious building that a rope access technician will get hired for window cleaning services, there is a wide range of other property types that can benefit from hiring an abseiling professional for window cleaning and maintenance, including:

  • Multi-story residential buildings
  • Airports
  • Sporting and entertainment facilities
  • Museums and galleries
  • Industrial buildings and more

A rope access technician is versatile and can adapt to straight sheer face skyscrapers or unique high-rises, or buildings with abstract architectural angles.

What do window cleaners use on skyscrapers?

A window cleaner uses a wide range of equipment to perform their duties, including their abseiling equipment, safety utilities, and window cleaning gear.

Compared to other window cleaning methods, a rope access window cleaner often carries more minimalist equipment than cleaners on appliances like booms and carriages, as equipment weight significantly affects safety. There are also weight load limits on anchor points, ropes and harnesses that must be considered and industry safety standards that must be met.

However, because rope access technicians have more freedom of movement, they often don’t need cumbersome equipment, like long extension poles and T-pieces.

The best thing about rope access high-rise window cleaning services is that they are adaptable and can often tailor their equipment and work methods to suit any structure or building type.

Rope access window cleaning equipment

A rope access technician will have all the standard abseiling equipment, including:

  • Harness or bosun’s chair
  • Rope and safety rope
  • Rope protector
  • Rope grabbing tool
  • Descent mechanism
  • Lanyard
  • Suction cups and more

All equipment used for rope access window cleaning is attached to the technician and must be strategically distributed on the rig.

Different technicians and companies may have differences in the types style of window cleaning equipment used; however, the equipment will be similar to most standard window cleaning tools, including equipment such as:

  • Buckets
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Cloths and sponges
  • Squeegee and more

The type of equipment used may also change depending on the height and shape of the building, the window structure, the kind of glass and other factors.

Excellence in high-rise window cleaning services Sydney-wide

The expert team of rope access technicians here at Abseilers United are the best in their field, providing expert solutions for a wide range of professional abseiling solutions like high-rise window cleaning services.

All technicians are IRATA and SPRAT qualified and receive regularly updated training to ensure we are at the leading edge of rope access technologies, safety protocols and techniques.

To inquire about our rope access high-rise window cleaning services throughout the Sydney area, call (02) 9976 6768, contact us via email at, or fill in our online contact form and a consultant can contact you at a prefered time.

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The Importance of Rope Access Fall Arrest System Maintenance

Rope Access Fall Arrest System

Rope access technicians are becoming a popular alternative to traditional height access and height risk work, often providing safer, more thorough and more cost-effective services for a range of trade solutions. And Rope Access Fall Arrest System is required by law to be certified every year. All equipment needs to be inspected every 3 months as well as before you make a drop.

Some of the diverse range of services commonly offered by rope access technicians include, but are not limited to:

    • Height Safety
    • Height access electrical
    • Painting and rendering
    • Building defect rectification
    • Height access window cleaning
    • Building facade pressure cleaning
    • Building Maintenance
    • Rope access confined space work
    • Standby rescue services
    • Window Cleaning
    • Caulking & Sealing
    • Walkway & Handrail installation and much more

A rope access technician is trained in the skill of abseiling, which uses rope, harness and anchor point systems to ascend or descend sheer faces such as a cliff, high structure or high-rise building.

Abseiling rigs 101

To the untrained eye, an abseiler’s rig may seem to have a lot going on; however, all components make up one complete rope access fall arrest system of safety and function.

Abseiling uses rope systems and a harness with a series of clips, locks and friction devices that allow the abseiler, also known as a rappeller, to control the speed of their descent and secure the abseiler’s position while they ascend.

While the rope system attached to the abseiling system may look complicated, there are actually only two ropes; one as the main climbing rope and one as a safety system that acts as a fall arrest if the main rope fails or something else goes wrong that results in a fall situation.

The fall arrest rope is part of a three-part network called a fall arrest system, or PFAS (personal fall arrest system), and is an essential occupational safety feature required by a rope access technician.

The anatomy of a ope access fall arrest system

A fall arrest system is a non-negotiable safety feature of a rope access technician’s abseiling rig and consists of three main components:

  • An anchor point
  • The harness
  • A connecting device

While all components of a PFAS are vital, the anchor point is the most important, as it is the point of connectivity with the height risk structure.

Anchor points

There are various types of anchor points that are used on a height risk structure, including:

  • Concrete eyelets
  • Roof mounts
  • Mobile anchor points
  • Tripod portable systems
  • Slings and more

Every anchor point has a weight limit, and the rope access technician must calculate their overall weight load, including tools and equipment.

The anchor point of the system can be the same as the main rope or separate, although each rope will be connected to the anchor point independently.

Most height risk structures, like a building or electrical tower, for example, will have a fixed anchor point with a weight limit pre-installed. However, a qualified abseiler will be trained to identify and create a reliable anchor point using a portable system or a device like a sling if an anchor point is not pre-installed.


The type of harness used by a rope access technician is often an individual preference; however, there are industry standards that professional rope access technicians must meet.

There are different types of harness configurations depending on the manufacturer’s design, and some harnesses may be more suitable for various rope access applications.

What harnesses will have in common is that they will wrap around the waist, legs, groin, and sometimes, up across the back and shoulders, providing complete support to the technician’s body.

Connecting device

Various types of connecting devices are used in a PFAS, and different technicians and industries will have preferences for various reasons.

Some common types of connecting devices used by rope access technicians include:

  • Standard rope, cable and web lanyards
  • Double legged lanyards
  • Shock-absorbing pack and in-line lanyards
  • Self-retracting lifelines
  • Rope grabs and more

The type of connecting device used by a rope access technician will be selected based on the kind of work performed, the height of work being performed, and the weight-load of the technician’s body, rig, tools and other equipment.

How does a fall arrest system work?

A PFAS works on a belay system that functions independent of the work positioning system and is connected to a fall arrest attachment point on the rope access technician’s harness.

Things to take into consideration with a PFAS include:

  • Weight loads
  • Locations
  • Reactions
  • Size and weight of equipment and more

The fall arrest system does not prevent a free fall but arrests the fall of the technician, limiting the impact force of the falling rappeller.

While fall arrest systems have been rigorously tried and tested and are very effective, like all abseiling equipment, they need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are compliant and reliable.

The importance of fall arrest maintenance

An abseiling fall arrest system is not a set and forget system and requires regular maintenance and inspection every time it is used. Statistics show that rope access technicians have an exemplary safety record, especially when compared to traditional height access methods and apparatus.

However, if a rope access fall arrest system is not maintained and reliable, the resulting fall can be life-changing and often fatal for the abseiling technician. There are different approaches and technologies used for fall arrest in abseiling, and each will have its points of inspection and testing to address.

It is critical that all abseiling professionals learn their rope access systems back to front and put sufficient time into learning and reviewing new equipment and protocols when a change to their standard rig is made.

The main points to check for during PFAS inspection and maintenance include:

  • Conditions and weight loads of anchor points
  • The state of the ropes
  • Harness stitching and fastening points
  • Specifications and hours of use on self-retracting lifelines
  • Condition of connectors like carabiners, belays and paw rigs
  • The state of shock absorption lines and more

Australian standards pertaining to PFAS fall under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (the WHS Act).

The best rope access service Sydney wide

Abseilers United has been providing industry-leading rope access service Sydney-wide since 2007. We offer a wide range of rope access services, including:

  • Trades
  • Cleaning and maintenance services
  • Rope access training
  • Height safety training and equipment and more

To learn more about our wide range of rope access services, contact us at (02) 9976 6768, or send your inquiry via email to, and one of our representatives will respond as soon as possible.

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Rope Access Painting: A Better Way to Paint

There is no better way to paint a high-rise building than rope access painting abseilers. Hiring painters with height risk capabilities can be expensive, time-consuming, and at times, dangerous for tradespeople and bystanders alike. Traditionally, high structure painters would employ a variety of height access apparatus to conduct their operations.

Examples of traditional height access utilities include:

    • Elevated work platforms
    • Cherry pickers
    • Scaffolding
    • Scissor lifts
    • Suspended work platforms and more

When painters use these height access utilities, which are often hired, the expensive hire fees often get passed down to the customer, making height access painting a costly endeavour.

The lengthy set-up and pack-down times can also contribute considerably towards the bill before a brush is even dipped into paint; there must be a better way.

Rope access painting abseilers use the art of abseiling to access high structures, like multi-story buildings, providing more accurate, clean, safe and cost-effective solutions to height risk painting.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of hiring a rope access painter, and why Abseilers United is the industry leader in supplying rope access painters in Sydney and surrounding regions.

What is a rope access painting abseilers?

A rope access painting abseiler is a trade professional or specialist who combines their skill set with the art of abseiling, which is the skill of ascending, descending and traversing a sheer face, such as a cliff or a building facade, using ropes, rigs and harnesses.

A typical abseilers rig consists of a dual rope system: The main rope for ascending, descending and traversing, and a secondary rope as a fail-safe in the unlikely event of a primary rope failure.

Rope access technicians require little more than a secure anchor point to secure their ropes and harnesses.

Most high-rise buildings and structures have rope access anchors built into their design. However, a trained and certified rope access technician is adept and finding a secure makeshift anchor using slings or other apparatus.

What services can rope access painting technicians provide?

On top of providing superior painting solutions for height-risk structures, rope access technicians can perform a wide range of other specialty jobs, such as:

    • Rope access maintenance
    • Rope access cleaning
    • Rope access glazing and window cleaning
    • Rope access safety and maintenance inspections
    • Rope access electrical
    • Rope access plumbing
    • Rope access landscaping
    • Rope access pest control
    • Rope access stand-by rescue and much more

Rope access technicians require minimal equipment to perform many jobs that traditionally require large civil equipment and height access apparatus.

Rope access painting is an excellent example of why rope access technicians are becoming the prefered choice for height risk trade and maintenance work. Read on to find out why.

The benefits of hiring rope access technicians for painting

Hiring rope access technicians, like rope access painters, has been growing in popularity with building trades, property developers, and building maintenance managers. They have a reputation for being a faster, more cost-effective, and safer alternative.


As well as the rental fees of large bulky height access equipment being passed onto the client, there are often other hidden costs and financial outgoings involved, such as:

  • Disruption to regular business operations
  • Restrictions to productivity
  • Hire rates security and safety officers to protect bystanders
  • Safety signage, protective equipment, and more

There is also added potential danger to staff and bystanders with height access utilities. Any failure of the height platforms can result in severe or fatal injury, such as tools or debris dropped from above or crush hazards in equipment pinch points.

In business, time is money, and this is another area where rope access saves painting costs considerably.

Getting the job done!

Setting up traditional work platforms, like scaffolding, can take hours, days, or even weeks. In comparison, rope access technicians can be set up and ready to go in a fraction of the time.

For comparison, we will look at setting up scaffolding for painting against a rope access technician’s rig.

Setting up scaffolding for painting could take up to a week to set up and a week to take down before work is even started. Scaffolding is also an expensive product that requires constant inspection and maintenance; another cost passed down to the customer.

Scaffolding also drastically affects a building’s aesthetic and negatively affects views, natural light exposure, and property access.

On the other hand, a rope access technician can be set up and ready to paint in approximately an hour, or less, performing a full day of painting with virtually no disruption to operations and a building’s functions, with pack-up occurring daily around the same time frame.

This efficiency correlates directly to the final invoice, potentially saving thousands in fees to achieve the same outcome. In some cases, rope access painters may even provide a superior finish, as they work with less cumbersome equipment and can access more challenging points on a building or structure.


Although rope access work may seem like a high-risk job to the uninitiated, statistics show otherwise. Rope access technicians have meagre work-related safety incidents or injury rates significantly lower than other height access methods.

Most tools and equipment used by a rope access technician are also tethered to their rig and harness, ensuring that the risk of falling items is essentially nullified.

Abseilers United: Industry-leading rope access professionals

If you are a property owner, developer or building manager in the Sydney region looking for a better solution for your height risk painting requirements, call our Abseilers United expert rope access technicians today.

As well as rope access painting and rendering solutions, we also offer a comprehensive range of rope access services and solutions, including:

  • Assessment and integration of height safety systems
  • A full range of rope access trade services
  • Rope access cleaning and maintenance solutions
  • Rigging and lifting services
  • Rope access confined space technicians
  • Stand by rope access rescue specialists
  • Industrial rope access and more

We have been providing expert rope access services in Sydney and coastal NSW regions since 2007.

All our rope access technicians are registered and certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

Reach us at (02) 9976 6768, send an email to, or send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our expert rope access technicians can contact you at a prefered time.

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4 Unexpected Benefits of Using Industrial Rope Access

The Benefits of Rope Access for High Rise Painting

There are various ways to paint multi-storey buildings, high-rises, or high structures. However, one method is proving to provide a more thorough, accurate, cost-effective, and less time-consuming job: high-rise rope access painting.

Below we will look at the many benefits of rope access painting and learn why Abseilers United is an industry leader for rope access technicians in Sydney. Read on to learn more.

What is a rope access technician?

A rope access technician is skilled in the art of abseiling, which involves using harnesses and ropes to ascend and descend a sheer face, like a cliff, building or high structure. When this skill is combined with a trade or service, like painting, an abseiler is often then referred to as a rope access technician.

A rope access technician has a relatively simple rig, consisting of:

    • Main rope system
    • A secondary safety rope system
    • Harness

This rig is attached to an anchor point to which they tether their rig, either a pre-installed anchor on the structure or an anchor point created by the rope access technician themselves. As well as keeping the rope access technician secure and stable, the harness also acts as a utility in which a rope access professional can suspend and stow their tools of trade.

A rope access technician can do an incredibly diverse range of jobs, including:

Rope access technicians even help other trades where there is an inability to access height-risk work via machinery or other traditional height access methods.

The benefits of rope access painting

Traditionally, when you needed to paint a tall structure, like a high-rise building, you needed to employ painting professionals who relied upon large, bulky equipment that would take up considerable space and take hours, or sometimes days to erect and disassemble.

Examples of these traditional height work utilities include:

    • Scaffolding
    • Scissor lifts
    • Cherry pickers
    • Suspended work platforms
    • Cranes and more

Hiring or supplying these services is expensive and often requires additional costs, like security for public safety, temporary safety barriers, signage, fences, and more.

Sometimes, painting quality is compromised due to architectural anomalies that make parts of a structure challenging to reach with these traditional working platform methods.

This is where a rope access painting comes into play. A rope access technician, like a painter, can traverse a building face with ease, requiring no bulky equipment, which allows them to access every facet of a structure or building unrestricted.

A rope access painting is an effective alternative for both new paint applications and painting maintenance services.

Another significant benefit of using a rope access painter or rope access technician is saving considerable time on the job. Compared to using bulky apparatus and civil machinery, a rope access technician requires much less time to assemble their rig.

For example, scaffolding could take days or weeks to install before work can commence; they need to unload a truck with scaffolding poles and joiners, secure each part, and check each complex joint for OH&S before work can commence.

A rope access painting could be rigged up in an hour or less, ready to start work immediately, only needing one secure anchor point and a rig check.

The same can be observed post-work, with scaffolding taking approximately the same time to back down, being most of or an entire week, while a rope access technician simply needs to roll up ropes, load their gear, and the job is done.

No equipment sitting overnight for days or weeks, no unsightly industrial mess; you will only notice a rope access technician when they are working.

This time saved translates directly to the cost of the service, making rope access painters significantly cheaper than services that need to add equipment hire or equipment maintenance on top of their fee.

There are also added risks of safety breaches by on-site personnel, building occupants, and bystanders with large height work platforms and machinery with traditional height work rigs.

A rope access painter’s rig is generally out of the way and out of contact with anyone besides the rope access team, requiring no added safety or security measures, saving clients hassle, time and the stress of monitoring and implementing added safety and security measures while painting or other work is being performed.

A rope access painting can perform many other duties as well, including:

    • Acrylic, brick, concrete, cement or stone rendering
    • Crack and patch repairs
    • Timber window and fixture restoration
    • Waterproofing and caulking
    • Rust-proofing and much more

Rope access work may seem dangerous to the initiated. However, rope access technicians have a better work safety record than any other means of height risk work.

So, next time you require rope access painting or maintenance on a multi-story property, high-rise building, or height-restricted structure, consider hiring a rope access painter or rope access technician and experience the difference for yourself.

In summary, the main benefits of hiring a rope access painting  include:

      • Clean
      • Quick
      • Cost-effective
      • Safe
      • Versatile

Once you use a rope access painter or rope access technician for your height-risk work requirements, you may wonder how you ever got by without them.

Abseilers United: Industry-leading rope access painting services in Sydney

The rope access team here at Abseilers United are comprised of a diverse range of rope access trade professionals that combine decades of abseiling experience, allowing us to provide a complete range of rope access solutions.

Examples of our comprehensive range of rope access services include, but are not limited to:

      • Installation of height safety systems
      • Full rope access trade technicians
      • Rope access height-risk cleaning and maintenance solutions
      • Rope access confined space services
      • Rigging and lifting solutions
      • Stand by rescue services
      • Industrial rope access and more

The rope access professionals here at Abseilers United have been providing expert, full-service rope access solutions in Sydney since 2007.

For more information about our complete range of rope access solutions or to arrange a free no-obligation quote, call (02) 9976 6768, or send an email to Send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our representatives will reply promptly.

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