Did you know that your fall arrest systems and equipment must be maintained? If you were thinking it was as easy as installing and using, think again!

Harsh Australian weather conditions can change at the drop of the hat. As a result; wind, rain, hail and dust can cause components of your fall arrest system to rust, peel, crack or dislodge.

Your systems are required by law to be certified every year.  All equipment needs to be inspected every 3 months as well as before you make a drop. Only qualified personnel should use the fall arrest systems at your workplace, to avoid misuse and damage.

That’s a lot to take in, but when it comes to safety; this is of crucial importance. After all; fall arrest systems are a pretty big deal. They’re installed not only to get the job done, but to stop falls, protect lives and keep everyone safe. If your fall arrest systems are not maintained properly, it doesn’t leave much to the imagination to realise how serious the situation could be.

Would you get on an aeroplane that had never been maintained or checked? Not likely!

You can also read more about Fall Arrest Systems, Anchor Points and Height Safety here

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