At Abseilers United, we perform dozens of services for industrial and commercial clients across the Sydney region. Whether we’re performing standby rescue or handling industrial rope access in confined spaces, our focus is always 100% on safety. As professional rope access technicians, we’re trained to manage a vast range of tasks at heights. One task that we particularly enjoy is the installation of signs and banners. Need one of these elements displayed at a high point on your building’s exterior? We can help! Check out these 5 reasons hanging banners and signs at heights could be a great idea for your company.

Your Message Won’t Go Unnoticed

There are many ways to advertise a grand opening, big event, or other significant occasion. “Traditional” methods have their advantages, but when you’re looking to really get the word out, a banner situated metres above the ground can get the job done. Hanging a banner several storeys up can be seen at a great distance. A bright, attractive banner is easily noticed even from the ground. If it is installed at eye level with other high rise buildings, you are reaching another audience, as well. If you’ve got something to announce, make sure your words are heard loud and clear.

Banners at Heights Make a Statement

Not only does signage at heights attract attention, it also brings with it a certain kind of attention. Large banners flown high in the air are naturally more unique and intriguing, and this means their messages are usually seen as more important. They also don’t get lose in the chaos of advertisements at street level.

Banners at heights carry more weight; they make people take notice. If a business spends the time having a banner or sign installed at heights, it usually makes the statement that this company is serious about what they’re sharing. This is good for a commercial reputation and also yields an unforgettable experience for the viewer.

Establish Your Presence

A commercial building in a major city like Sydney needs to stand out. In most of the world’s major urban areas, high rise buildings are emblazoned with the logos of the businesses housed within. This has become a way to gain recognition within a city, and to fully establish your presence. Large businesses comprising an entire high rise won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to hang their namesake sign at heights.

Signs Can Share a Great Deal

What kind of signs can you hang? The possibilities are endless, but common options include logos and business names/permanent signage, banners advertising sales, grand openings, and other big events, and notices for commercial or residential spaces for rent. Be as creative as you’d like. If you have a sign, banner, or other display to be installed at heights, our Sydney rope access team can handle it.

They Can Be Temporary or Permanent

Thinking about the permanency of these elements? Both signs and banners situated at heights can be removed at any time in the future. In fact, we offer sign and banner removal amongst our services, as well as maintenance. If you want to keep making a statement and getting attention, you can replace your banners regularly. Abseilers United is ready to take care of this for you.

Let’s talk about your needs! When you’re ready to have a sign or banner safely, professionally installed, give our team a call.