Imagine jumping off of a building hanging on a rope. When you look down, people seem to be ants and the cars are like little toys. That’s the scenario you get as an Abseiler. Six, ten, twenty, thirty level building and more, that’s our workplace.

“I’m afraid of heights”. We hear that a lot. But, of course we overcome this feeling and actually we enjoy being at heights.  It can be scary if you think about it, but safety is the basics of our job. It is indeed a risky job, but we manage it with safety techniques and also skill. 

Pros of being an Abseiler

One of the best things about being an Abseiler, for me, and I guess many of my colleagues will agree, is the view. Each building has its own beautiful landscape to appreciate when you are up there. Plus, you can get awesome pictures!

Cons of being an Abseiler

It may look like Abseilers are having a good time hanging here and there, but it’s not as easy as it seems. This job requires a lot of body strength and a full day of work can make you very tired after a couple drops. Carrying heavy equipment, getting dirty (you don’t realise just how dirty the buildings are until you do this job), having calluses on your hands and dealing with hot weather or strong winds are all part of the job that only those who do it, knows. 


Overall, it’s a very rewarding job, especially when you are descending (best and funniest moment, haha). So, no matter the height or the task, we are up to it. Getting it done with safety and quality.

This post was written by Raphael Schuller, Abseilers United team member.

Career as an Abseiler

So if you think you have got what it takes to become and Abseiler, you have no fear of heights, are physically strong and are prepared to get your hands dirty, then the first step is to get some training.  To be eligible to work as an Abseiler you will need either an IRATA level 1 qualification or SPRAT level 1 qualification, then its time to get your white card and some experience.  Ask a company for a trial or work experience if you are finding it difficult to find work initially.  

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