Having clean windows on your high-rise or multi-storey building makes the property look its best. However, is window cleaning essential maintenance? Although window glass is a very robust material, it does require regular maintenance to maintain clarity and structural integrity.

This article will discuss the importance of window maintenance and show why rope access window cleaning has become the preferred method of building window cleaning by property owners and building maintenance managers Australia-wide.

Why is high-rise window cleaning important?

There are many benefits to regularly scheduled high-rise building window cleaning; some practical and some for aesthetic benefits. Read on to learn more about the importance of high-rise window cleaning.

Improves your building’s curb appeal

The most obvious benefit to having your building windows cleaned regularly is that it makes your property look fantastic—this is especially relevant in high-rise properties where most of the building’s facia is glass windows.

Whether the building is residential, commercial, or a multi-use complex, having clean windows makes your building more appealing to high-quality tenants and makes good impressions on customers and clients.

Clean windows also help keep the building appealing if it is up for sale or if there are commercial spaces for lease where high-paying long-term tenants are the targeted market.

Regular window cleaning helps to prevent premature glass degradation

While glass is an incredibly tough material, it can suffer premature degradation from poor maintenance and cleaning protocols.

Examples of elements that threaten a window’s structural integrity and performance include:

  • Airborne particles
  • Automotive pollution
  • Airborne biological compounds
  • Hard water
  • Polluted rain
  • Acidic compounds
  • Salty air
  • Dust, dirt and grime
  • and more

These compounds can create scratch hazards and affect your glass quality and strength.

The best way to avoid premature window degradation is to book a regularly scheduled high-rise window cleaner, like a rope access window cleaner, to ensure your windows stay clean and clear.

It helps to improve your building’s air quality

While you may think dirt and grime only build up on the outside of your windows, an inspection of your air conditioning ducts may show otherwise.

Interior windows can harbour dust and particles that become airborne and circulate inside your building, reducing the air quality that people and pets breathe. One of the most concerning inside pollutants can be mycotoxins like mould, which are linked to a wide range of significant adverse health problems.

Keeping the inside of your windows clean can help to reduce the potentially harmful airborne particles in your building, especially when air conditioning is running.

Improves sunlight quality for people and plants

Another health benefit of having clean windows for human, animal and plant life is a better quality of sunlight. While it may appear that the sunlight is getting through the dirt on the windows, the reduced quality of light does diminish the health and protective benefits of natural light.

Examples of the types of benefits adequate, unobstructed natural light can produce include, but are not limited to:

  • Improved vitamin D absorption
  • Better health for indoor plants
  • Reduction in allergens
  • Less eye strain
  • Improved productivity and better morale in work teams
  • Reduced mycotoxin growth
  • Less airborne pathogens
  • and more

Natural light promotes a healthier environment in nearly every way, so hiring a high-rise window cleaning expert regularly is well worth the investment.

Our rope-access window cleaners at Abseilers United settle for nothing but the cleanest windows possible. Call (02) 9976 6768 for more information about our Sydney-based rope access window cleaning services.

Improves heating efficiency

Although Australia is known for its hot weather and beach lifestyle, winter weather from Sydney to Australia’s Southern regions can get very cold.

Having dirty windows can reduce the amount of UV light that enters a building, reducing the heat produced by the sun, which can contribute to unnecessarily high energy bills from excess heating requirements.

While clean windows may not completely stop your need to turn up the thermostat, they can provide enough heat to significantly reduce your heating requirements in the colder seasons—good for your power bill and the environment.

Different types of high-rise window cleaning

Many methods of high-rise window cleaning have been employed since the building boom of the early 19th century. Some have stood the test of time, while others are seeing a rapid decline.

Some examples of these high-rise window cleaning methods include:

  • Suspended work platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Cherry pickers
  • Height-work cages
  • Scissor lifts
  • and more

Some of these methods, while effective, require cumbersome, heavy and expensive equipment that takes a long time to set up and pack down.

One of the most popular, cost-effective, and safe high-rise window cleaning methods is employing a rope access window cleaning technician.

What is rope access window cleaning?

A rope access window cleaner, generally referred to as a rope access technician, employs the skill of abseiling or rappeling to clean windows on high structures, like high-rise and multi-storey buildings.

Abseiling is the art of using ropes, harnesses and friction devices to control the ascent and descent of a sheer face, like a cliff or a high-rise building.

A rope access window cleaning technician uses a main rope and safety rope system fixed to an anchor point on the building, which is then attached to a harness that allows the tech to work up and down the glass building front with all their tools attached to the harness. Rope access window cleaners are often cheaper as they require less equipment, space and time to perform the same job as other traditional window cleaning methods.

The efficiency, affordability and safety record of rope access window cleaners are making them an ever more popular option for building window maintenance across Sydney and Australia.

Abseilers United: The industry leaders for rope access window cleaning Sydney-wide

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  • Height safety consulting and installation
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