Abseiling or  High-rise window cleaning has always been a job for the adventurous. Descending a high building, navigating the property’s design, and getting a satisfying streak-free finish; is a good day’s work for thrill seekers.

While many apparatus have been used for high-rise window cleaning throughout history, rope access, also known as abseiling or rappelling, has become a preferred option for high-rise window cleaning and is gaining popularity for many height risk services globally.

Read on to find out how skyscraper windows get cleaned by rope access technicians and why Abseilers United is an industry leader for high-rise window cleaning services in Sydney.

What is a high-rise rope access window cleaning?

Rope access technicians or high-rise window cleaners, use the art of abseiling or rappelling to descend or ascend a sheer face, such as a cliff, a high structure, or in the case of a window cleaning rope access service, a skyscraper.

A rope access technician uses a dual rope system, one main rope and a fall arrest or safety rope which are both attached to a harness or bosun’s chair to secure the technician to the structure via the ropes.

The ropes are attached to anchor points, either installed into the structure or made by rope access technicians. Then, the technician moves up and down the structure using friction control and locking devices, including figure eight and carabiners.

High-rise window cleaner or rope access technicians can also perform a diverse range of other trades and services, including:

  • Rope access height safety
  • Rope access plumbing and electrical
  • Rope access painting
  • Rope access pest control
  • Rope access signage
  • Rope access building maintenance and repairs
  • Rope access stand-by rescue and much more

Read on to learn the many benefits of hiring a rope access service and why Abseilers United offers the best high-rise window services Sydney-wide.

The benefits of rope access window cleaning

There is a range of factors that make rope access high-rise window cleaning services favourable over more traditional methods, which could include:

  • Scaffolding
  • Booms
  • Carriages
  • Scissor lifts
  • Height access platforms and more

A rope access technician’s rig is considerably smaller than these window cleaning utilities, providing a range of superior benefits.

The traditional high-rise window access methods can take a lot of time to set up and may require additional utilities, like security, public safety officers and signage to meet OH&S standards.

Installing or positioning this equipment or safety structures could take hours or, in the case of scaffolding, for example, up to a week to complete before work even commences. On top of this, it also potentially disrupts regular business operations, affecting productivity and profits.

Packing down could take just as long, and the staff hours and equipment hired would be tacked onto the final invoice, significantly increasing the cost of the service.

On average, a rope access technician can set up within an hour, complete the job required, and be packed up at the end of the day within the same time frame. This efficiency translates directly to the invoice total, saving companies considerably on the technician’s productivity time and with little to no disruption to operations.

Because a rope access technician is free to traverse difficult areas of the high-rise building without being restricted by a physical appliance, they can also often achieve a more thorough and consistent result.

Rope access also has a significantly better safety record than window cleaning services that require bulky appliances.

What type of buildings is a rope access window cleaning service called out to?

While a skyscraper may be the most obvious building that a rope access technician will get hired for window cleaning services, there is a wide range of other property types that can benefit from hiring an abseiling professional for window cleaning and maintenance, including:

  • Multi-story residential buildings
  • Airports
  • Sporting and entertainment facilities
  • Museums and galleries
  • Industrial buildings and more

A rope access technician is versatile and can adapt to straight sheer face skyscrapers or unique high-rises, or buildings with abstract architectural angles.

What do window cleaners use on skyscrapers?

A window cleaner uses a wide range of equipment to perform their duties, including their abseiling equipment, safety utilities, and window cleaning gear.

Compared to other window cleaning methods, a rope access window cleaner often carries more minimalist equipment than cleaners on appliances like booms and carriages, as equipment weight significantly affects safety. There are also weight load limits on anchor points, ropes and harnesses that must be considered and industry safety standards that must be met.

However, because rope access technicians have more freedom of movement, they often don’t need cumbersome equipment, like long extension poles and T-pieces.

The best thing about rope access high-rise window cleaning services is that they are adaptable and can often tailor their equipment and work methods to suit any structure or building type.

Rope access window cleaning equipment

A rope access technician will have all the standard abseiling equipment, including:

  • Harness or bosun’s chair
  • Rope and safety rope
  • Rope protector
  • Rope grabbing tool
  • Descent mechanism
  • Lanyard
  • Suction cups and more

All equipment used for rope access window cleaning is attached to the technician and must be strategically distributed on the rig.

Different technicians and companies may have differences in the types style of window cleaning equipment used; however, the equipment will be similar to most standard window cleaning tools, including equipment such as:

  • Buckets
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Cloths and sponges
  • Squeegee and more

The type of equipment used may also change depending on the height and shape of the building, the window structure, the kind of glass and other factors.

Excellence in high-rise window cleaning services Sydney-wide

The expert team of rope access technicians here at Abseilers United are the best in their field, providing expert solutions for a wide range of professional abseiling solutions like high-rise window cleaning services.

All technicians are IRATA and SPRAT qualified and receive regularly updated training to ensure we are at the leading edge of rope access technologies, safety protocols and techniques.

To inquire about our rope access high-rise window cleaning services throughout the Sydney area, call (02) 9976 6768, contact us via email at info@abseilersunited.com, or fill in our online contact form and a consultant can contact you at a prefered time.