At Abseilers United, we’re experts at setting up and using safe anchor points for all our jobs in Sydney where we work at heights.

Whether we’re painting, window cleaning, pressure cleaning, doing maintenance and repairs, or providing any of our other rope access anchor point services, we always use anchor points so that we comply with all relevant Work Health and Safety legislation.

What do anchor points do?

When one of our experienced abseilers is working high up on a building or other structure, anchor points work to protect them and the building they’re working on.

Prevent serious falls

Rope Access Anchor points help prevent serious falls from heights. If somebody starts to fall, the anchor point will absorb their weight and ensure they only fall a very short distance. They are a crucial part of ‘fall arrest systems’ that arrest (or stop) someone’s fall from becoming dangerous once they lose their grip and begin to fall.

Reduce load on the structure

Rope Access Anchor points, if installed correctly, are also designed to reduce the load on the building or structure they’re attached to. This includes the weight of the person and any equipment attached to the system.

Anchor points absorb the energy of a fall without placing stress and strain on the building/structure, or the person working at heights.

Anchor points and legislation

Rope Access Anchor points aren’t just a nice safety precaution—in most cases for any work at heights they are a legal requirement.

Making sure contractors comply with all Workplace Health and Safety legislation is a very important aspect of choosing the right company to do work for you.

With Abseilers United, you never have to worry about whether you will be in breach of any legislation, as we take pride in complying with all relevant laws, regulations and Australian standards.

There are, unfortunately, some providers out there that don’t take safety standards as seriously as we do. They may quote you less for a job, but this can open you up to potentially massive expenses later on if you’re found to be in breach of legislation, or if an accident occurs.

More about anchor points

Read more about anchor points for fall protection and rope access, and the services Abseilers United provide, including:

  • installation and certification of anchor points
  • compliance testing and risk assessment of anchor points.
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