There are various ways to paint multi-storey buildings, high-rises, or high structures. However, one method is proving to provide a more thorough, accurate, cost-effective, and less time-consuming job: high rise rope access painting.

Below we will look at the many benefits of rope access painting and learn why Abseilers United is an industry leader for rope access technicians in Sydney. Read on to learn more.

What is a rope access technician?

A rope access technician is skilled in the art of abseiling, which involves using harnesses and ropes to ascend and descend a sheer face, like a cliff, building or high structure. When this skill is combined with a trade or service, like painting, an abseiler is often then referred to as a rope access technician.

A rope access technician has a relatively simple rig, consisting of:

  • Main rope system
  • A secondary safety rope system
  • Harness

This rig is attached to an anchor point to which they tether their rig, either a pre-installed anchor on the structure or an anchor point created by the rope access technician themselves. As well as keeping the rope access technician secure and stable, the harness also acts as a utility in which a rope access professional can suspend and stow their tools of trade.

A rope access technician can do an incredibly diverse range of jobs, including:

Rope access technicians even help other trades where there is an inability to access height-risk work via machinery or other traditional height access methods.

The benefits of rope access painting

Traditionally, when you needed to paint a tall structure, like a high-rise building, you needed to employ painting professionals who relied upon large, bulky equipment that would take up considerable space and take hours, or sometimes days to erect and disassemble.

Examples of these traditional height work utilities include:

    • Scaffolding
    • Scissor lifts
    • Cherry pickers
    • Suspended work platforms
    • Cranes and more

Hiring or supplying these services is expensive and often requires additional costs, like security for public safety, temporary safety barriers, signage, fences, and more.

Sometimes, painting quality is compromised due to architectural anomalies that make parts of a structure challenging to reach with these traditional working platform methods.

This is where a rope access painter comes into play. A rope access technician, like a painter, can traverse a building face with ease, requiring no bulky equipment, which allows them to access every facet of a structure or building unrestricted.

A rope access painter is an effective alternative for both new paint applications and painting maintenance services.

Another significant benefit of using a rope access painter or rope access technician is saving considerable time on the job. Compared to using bulky apparatus and civil machinery, a rope access technician requires much less time to assemble their rig.

For example, scaffolding could take days or weeks to install before work can commence; they need to unload a truck with scaffolding poles and joiners, secure each part, and check each complex joint for OH&S before work can commence.

A rope access technician could be rigged up in an hour or less, ready to start work immediately, only needing one secure anchor point and a rig check.

The same can be observed post-work, with scaffolding taking approximately the same time to back down, being most of or an entire week, while a rope access technician simply needs to roll up ropes, load their gear, and the job is done.

No equipment sitting overnight for days or weeks, no unsightly industrial mess; you will only notice a rope access technician when they are working.

This time saved translates directly to the cost of the service, making rope access painters significantly cheaper than services that need to add equipment hire or equipment maintenance on top of their fee.

There are also added risks of safety breaches by on-site personnel, building occupants, and bystanders with large height work platforms and machinery with traditional height work rigs.

A rope access painter’s rig is generally out of the way and out of contact with anyone besides the rope access team, requiring no added safety or security measures, saving clients hassle, time and the stress of monitoring and implementing added safety and security measures while painting or other work is being performed.

A rope access painter can perform many other duties as well, including:

    • Acrylic, brick, concrete, cement or stone rendering
    • Crack and patch repairs
    • Timber window and fixture restoration
    • Waterproofing and caulking
    • Rust-proofing and much more

Rope access work may seem dangerous to the initiated. However, rope access technicians have a better work safety record than any other means of height risk work.

So, next time you require painting or maintenance on a multi-story property, high-rise building, or height-restricted structure, consider hiring a rope access painter or rope access technician and experience the difference for yourself.

 In summary

In summary, the main benefits of hiring a rope access painter include:

    • Clean
    • Quick
    • Cost-effective
    • Safe
    • Versatile

Once you use a rope access painter or rope access technician for your height-risk work requirements, you may wonder how you ever got by without them.

Abseilers United: Industry-leading rope access services in Sydney

The rope access team here at Abseilers United are comprised of a diverse range of rope access trade professionals that combine decades of abseiling experience, allowing us to provide a complete range of rope access solutions.

Examples of our comprehensive range of rope access services include, but are not limited to:

    • Installation of height safety systems
    • Full rope access trade technicians
    • Rope access height-risk cleaning and maintenance solutions
    • Rope access confined space services
    • Rigging and lifting solutions
    • Stand by rescue services
    • Industrial rope access and more

The rope access professionals here at Abseilers United have been providing expert, full-service rope access solutions in Sydney since 2007.

For more information about our complete range of rope access solutions or to arrange a free no-obligation quote, call (02) 9976 6768, or send an email to Send your inquiry via our online contact form, and one of our representatives will reply promptly.