There is no better way to paint a high-rise building than rope access painting abseilers. Hiring painters with height risk capabilities can be expensive, time-consuming, and at times, dangerous for tradespeople and bystanders alike. Traditionally, high structure painters would employ a variety of height access apparatus to conduct their operations.

Examples of traditional height access utilities include:

    • Elevated work platforms
    • Cherry pickers
    • Scaffolding
    • Scissor lifts
    • Suspended work platforms and more

When painters use these height access utilities, which are often hired, the expensive hire fees often get passed down to the customer, making height access painting a costly endeavour.

The lengthy set-up and pack-down times can also contribute considerably towards the bill before a brush is even dipped into paint; there must be a better way.

Rope access painting abseilers use the art of abseiling to access high structures, like multi-story buildings, providing more accurate, clean, safe and cost-effective solutions to height risk painting.

Read on to learn more about the many benefits of hiring a rope access painter, and why Abseilers United is the industry leader in supplying rope access painters in Sydney and surrounding regions.

What is a rope access painting abseilers?

A rope access painting abseiler is a trade professional or specialist who combines their skill set with the art of abseiling, which is the skill of ascending, descending and traversing a sheer face, such as a cliff or a building facade, using ropes, rigs and harnesses.

A typical abseilers rig consists of a dual rope system: The main rope for ascending, descending and traversing, and a secondary rope as a fail-safe in the unlikely event of a primary rope failure.

Rope access technicians require little more than a secure anchor point to secure their ropes and harnesses.

Most high-rise buildings and structures have rope access anchors built into their design. However, a trained and certified rope access technician is adept and finding a secure makeshift anchor using slings or other apparatus.

What services can rope access painting technicians provide?

On top of providing superior painting solutions for height-risk structures, rope access technicians can perform a wide range of other specialty jobs, such as:

    • Rope access maintenance
    • Rope access cleaning
    • Rope access glazing and window cleaning
    • Rope access safety and maintenance inspections
    • Rope access electrical
    • Rope access plumbing
    • Rope access landscaping
    • Rope access pest control
    • Rope access stand-by rescue and much more

Rope access technicians require minimal equipment to perform many jobs that traditionally require large civil equipment and height access apparatus.

Rope access painting is an excellent example of why rope access technicians are becoming the prefered choice for height risk trade and maintenance work. Read on to find out why.

The benefits of hiring rope access technicians for painting

Hiring rope access technicians, like rope access painters, has been growing in popularity with building trades, property developers, and building maintenance managers. They have a reputation for being a faster, more cost-effective, and safer alternative.


As well as the rental fees of large bulky height access equipment being passed onto the client, there are often other hidden costs and financial outgoings involved, such as:

  • Disruption to regular business operations
  • Restrictions to productivity
  • Hire rates security and safety officers to protect bystanders
  • Safety signage, protective equipment, and more

There is also added potential danger to staff and bystanders with height access utilities. Any failure of the height platforms can result in severe or fatal injury, such as tools or debris dropped from above or crush hazards in equipment pinch points.

In business, time is money, and this is another area where rope access saves painting costs considerably.

Getting the job done!

Setting up traditional work platforms, like scaffolding, can take hours, days, or even weeks. In comparison, rope access technicians can be set up and ready to go in a fraction of the time.

For comparison, we will look at setting up scaffolding for painting against a rope access technician’s rig.

Setting up scaffolding for painting could take up to a week to set up and a week to take down before work is even started. Scaffolding is also an expensive product that requires constant inspection and maintenance; another cost passed down to the customer.

Scaffolding also drastically affects a building’s aesthetic and negatively affects views, natural light exposure, and property access.

On the other hand, a rope access technician can be set up and ready to paint in approximately an hour, or less, performing a full day of painting with virtually no disruption to operations and a building’s functions, with pack-up occurring daily around the same time frame.

This efficiency correlates directly to the final invoice, potentially saving thousands in fees to achieve the same outcome. In some cases, rope access painters may even provide a superior finish, as they work with less cumbersome equipment and can access more challenging points on a building or structure.


Although rope access work may seem like a high-risk job to the uninitiated, statistics show otherwise. Rope access technicians have meagre work-related safety incidents or injury rates significantly lower than other height access methods.

Most tools and equipment used by a rope access technician are also tethered to their rig and harness, ensuring that the risk of falling items is essentially nullified.

Abseilers United: Industry-leading rope access professionals

If you are a property owner, developer or building manager in the Sydney region looking for a better solution for your height risk painting requirements, call our Abseilers United expert rope access technicians today.

As well as rope access painting and rendering solutions, we also offer a comprehensive range of rope access services and solutions, including:

  • Assessment and integration of height safety systems
  • A full range of rope access trade services
  • Rope access cleaning and maintenance solutions
  • Rigging and lifting services
  • Rope access confined space technicians
  • Stand by rope access rescue specialists
  • Industrial rope access and more

We have been providing expert rope access services in Sydney and coastal NSW regions since 2007.

All our rope access technicians are registered and certified by the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT).

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