How safe is your business or job site? If you have staff members working at Heights or in places where a fall greater than 5 meters is possible, the law requires that you have proper height safety systems place to guard against these concerns. A comprehensive safety program will include elements such as a fall arrest system (with safety lines, track systems, and anchor points), handrails and guardrails, and appropriately safe ladders and other equipment/spaces.  Businesses and organisations across a wide range of Industries will need to invest time and resources in applying the right height safety systems for their particular business. Is it a big job? Yes, but we can help by completing a compliant height safety installation for your business.

Step 1: Site Safety Audit

Abseilers United can handle your entire safety at heights network. Step 1 in working towards providing your business with a completed height safety installation involves a thorough, detailed height safety audit. During this session, we will examine the entirety of your workspace and associated equipment/procedures. We do this for existing building spaces as well as in-progress work sites. The safety audit assesses your risks and present management of said risks and looks at how well you’re currently adhering to height safety standards and regulations. This includes such things as current inspection and documentation for equipment, compliance with industry best practices and WorkCover, and technical issues (ie. will a structure be able to support a proposed load?). Following this audit, we will write up our observations and findings and create a report with our suggested plan for a compliant height safety installation.

Step 2: Height Safety Installation

 Next, we can handle the total height safety installation. Whatever your purposes are for height safety, we can supply and install the highest quality tools and equipment to get the job done—and keep your workers safe. At Abseilers United, our team knows height safety inside and out, and we’ve developed the precise knowledge to find the exact solutions for your business. From construction to maintenance, you can depend on us to deliver a long-term height safety plan that doesn’t just solve your current demands, but assists your business for years to come, if necessary. Expertly installing track systems, anchor points, guardrails and more, we develop systems that truly fit your goals.

Step 3: Maintenance and Upgrades

Finally, a solid height safety plan and system is dependent upon regular, professional maintenance. Everyday wear and tear takes its toll on safety lines and anchor points, as human body weight is reigned in repeatedly over time. Exposure to the elements will also weaken these tools. Such equipment will need to be replaced on a regular schedule and inspected frequently to determine the current condition. Not only do items need upgrading, but improved functionality and enhanced design methods continue to push the height safety gear industry ever forward. Your business deserves the best and we’ll keep you outfitted in exactly that. Abseilers United can perform expert maintenance for your fall arrest systems and other height safety equipment. This ensures you’re keeping in step with all current regulations and are consistently promoting a safe, secure work environment for all.

Ready to get a premier height safety system in place? Call our team today for more details.