To run a safe, effective, and stable business, you need to be sure that the place in which you do business is up to standard. Regular building inspections ensure this very thing, assessing your property on a variety of factors. If you’re in the construction or property development industry, you’ll also need such inspections on your new builds. Trustworthy safety and structural inspections should always be left to a trained professional. Taking your inspections to the next level, however, can save you time and money. Have you considered industrial rope access for your building inspections? Read on to discover why rope access building inspections are an excellent option for today’s modern business.

Why Use Rope Access Technicians for Building Inspections?

Performing building facade inspections and the like is a complex process that involves a meticulous study of a building or structure. When faced with inspecting a high rise building or other sizeable property, the clear answer is industrial rope access.

Using rope access technicians supplies swift and accurate inspections of your building, dam,  bridge, antenna, or other structure, including even the most tough-to-reach places. This provides exceptional detail on every aspect of your structure that needs attention, enabling you to more quickly attend to issues which need a fast response. This is augmented through our use of photographic and video equipment to generate the most accurate possible records.

Our staff is comprised of skilled tradesman who, when necessary, can be on site to assist with specific tasks. This includes electricians, plumbers, stonemasons, pest control professionals, painters, and experts in other licensed trades. It can provide excellent peace of mind to know that not only can our team perform the required building inspections, but we’re at hand to supply expert solutions as well.

Rope Access for the “Hidden” Concerns

A building facade inspection can reveal issues which need repair or alteration, but it can be those “unseen concerns” which present a greater threat to a building. During a structural inspection, our abseiling team comes at your building from every angle. This means top to bottom, inside and out. It’s our access to these challenging areas (like the uppermost reaches of a building or the tight interior spaces) that provides us with insight that could make a massive difference to your business.

While inspecting the roofing and interior portions of your building (through safe, expert rope access techniques) we are able to see major structural issues that could spell bad news in the future. This includes problems with ventilation shafts, structural defaults that compromise a building’s durability, or cracks and sealing issues which render the building no longer waterproof.

After all completed rope access building inspections, Abseilers United provide a detailed report outlining every item which needs attention.

Rope Access for Building Defects Rectification

If your business handles construction, you will be mindful of your rectification period—that contractual period during which you are able to make adjustments to fix any defects or omissions from the construction process. Rope access building inspections can be a huge help to you here. In much the same way as a traditional building inspection, we can painstakingly go over your structure to identify the defects or concerns. As it is most often the contractor’s responsibility to rectify defects, you will want to be certain you’re approaching this period with care and precision. Our licensed tradesmen are equipped and ready to complete the necessary repairs and work, whether at heights, in confined spaces or on any other area of your building that requires it.

Is it time for your building or other structure to be inspected? Give the reliable rope access technicians at Abseilers United a call today.

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