Painting a high-rise building is no small feat. It takes considerable planning, careful preparation, and the correct permits and licences to ensure the project goes smoothly and safely. Rope Access Painting service is important If you are a property manager, strata manager or owner of a high-rise development looking for a painting contractor, it’s a job you want the painter to get done right the first time around.

Given the scale and cost of high-rise painting, both painter and the client must establish a good working relationship to ensure the lines of communication are kept open and in doing so, help to reduce fixes that may be required down the track.

In this article, we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing the best high-rise painter in Sydney.

At Abseilers United, we couple experience in high-rise and rope access painting in Sydney with extensive knowledge in working on high-risk and complex projects to ensure we deliver the right outcome for our clients.

Considerations when choosing a rope access painting contractor?

High-rise and rope-access painting projects are very challenging for painting companies because of their unique requirements. Building heights, weather conditions and stringent safety protocols contribute to making painting high-rise buildings at elevated heights logistically tricky.

Experienced Rope Access Painter in Sydney

You want to have complete confidence that your building will be painted by experts, so hiring a company with experience in high-rise and rope-access painting is very important.  

What separates high-rise painting from regular painting is the experience in high-rise environments. Unlike maintaining smaller buildings, painting a multistory building involves skills and safety precautions beyond what a painter working on a smaller site might experience. It is not to say that a regular painter is any less of a painter, but it has more to do with the extreme risks and challenges of working at height. 

Cost of Rope Access Painting in Sydney

Cost is often a determining factor when choosing a high-rise painter. In Sydney, one of the most expensive cities in the world, this means that price and competition can be fierce. But quality, safety and professionalism are also, if not more important.

When you often go for the cheapest, you are likely to lose out on quality and professionalism, so it’s extremely important to consider getting the right people to facilitate your project over and above saving money.

Rope Access Painting Insurance 

You want peace of mind on a multi-story painting project, so you should ensure your high-rise painter has two types of insurance. The first is insurance that protects your property from damage by the contractor. The other protects the workers and you while working on your property.

Safety in Rope Access Painting

Safety should always be a consideration, so finding a painter with an excellent safety track record is critical.

United Abseiling has an excellent safety record, so you can feel confident your project will be in good hands. We work hard to ensure the safety of our workers, the building tenants, pedestrians, and traffic below.

Durability of Rope Access Painting Job

You want to make sure your building is painted well and is something you don’t want to have to think about every year, so durability matters.

United Abseillers ensure that your high rises won’t just be getting a visual makeover but are protected for years to come, further reducing your costs in the long run.

Why choose Abseilers United?

At Abseilers United, we are experts in high-rise building painting projects from strata developments and residential and commercial high-rise buildings in Sydney since 2007. Our team is IRATA and SPRAT qualified, and we lead the way in height safety, rope access, working at heights, building maintenance and confined space work.

When you choose Abseliers United for your high-rise painting project, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out quickly, safely, and hassle-free. Our team of professional abseilers and painters, and renderers means we can tackle any high-rise painting project.

If you are not fully equipped with the relevant information regarding any defects or problem areas, we will be able to help. Our team can liaise with the relevant people, including building maintenance and property management, to discuss any issues, or we can perform a comprehensive structural assessment.

We also carry out work for specific painting and rendering requirements. Our high-rise and difficult-access painting and rendering services include:

    • Rendering over brick, concrete, cement, and stone
    • Cement and acrylic render
    • Repairs of cracks and patches
    • Painting and repainting new and existing buildings, bridges, silos, and structures of any kind
    • Restoration and painting of timber window sills and frames

We pack up at the end of every day (or night), meaning no inconvenient, cumbersome scaffolding or powered machinery disrupting your business.

Abseilers United offer so much more than your average painter. Not only can Abseilers United paint your high-rise building, but we also are experts in the following:

    • Rope access for height safety
    • Anchor points
    • Building Maintainance
    • Window cleaning
    • Caulking and Sealing
    • Walkway and Handrails

Our comprehensive height safety management services ensure contractors and workers at height are safe and risks are reduced. 

We are experienced in height safety audits, maintenance and compliance management inspections and can tailor any project to suit the needs of our clients. 

We offer a full suite of rope access cleaning and maintenance services with the same attention to detail and professionalism that make us the premier high-rise building maintenance and painting business in Sydney.

Are you looking for the best rope access painting company in Sydney?

When considering a professional rope access painter, it’s essential to select the right professionals to get the job done. While there are many things to consider, safety experience and service should be top of the list.

When you need a high-rise or rope access painter, you need people who you can trust. The Abseilers United team blends years of industrial abseiling experience with painting and rendering expertise, making our business the business of choice in Sydney.

Abseilers United is a full-service maintenance and painting company that can help with your property maintenance needs.

Contact Us today to see how we can help with your next high-rise project.