If you work in a high-rise building, how often do you see people outside cleaning the windows? If you’re not sure, it’s around once or twice a year, but it can sometimes be more – depending on the building.

When you notice the hard-working abseilers outside cleaning away, it usually sparks up some conversation in the office, seeing these brave people dangling off the side of a building, literally hanging on by a rope. But outside that, it’s not something you usually might pay attention to

On the other hand, knowing how often to clean high-rise building windows is important if you’re a property manager or owner of a high-rise. Researching the topic is always best before you commit to a large-scale undertaking, as you want to ensure you work with people you can trust and who will do the job properly. 

This article informs you how often to clean high-rise building windows so you can maintain your investment by keeping your building in good shape and what to consider when looking for the right high-rise building maintenance company to work with.

About High-Rise Building Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows on a high-rise building is an important part of maintaining the site’s appearance. If your office space looks good from the inside and out, the impression it can make for clients and your staff will be long-lasting. After all, no one wants to do business in an untidy environment.

A high-rise building’s windows are different to that of a regular house and, as such, require specialised and experienced care to do the job right. Given the heights of some high-rises, you also need people with the skill to undertake a large-scale project like window cleaning. It is a high-risk operation, requiring people with know-how.

How Often Should High-Rise Windows Be Cleaned?

How often you should clean your high-rise building’s windows depends on your preference and your budget. But there is also a range of other factors that need to be considered when thinking about this.  

For example, what type of building you work in, the surroundings, and whether there are specific requirements to keep the building in a certain condition are all considerations. It also depends on how many people work in the building and how many customers visit it.

As a general guide, we recommend cleaning your high-rise windows at least twice a year to factor in changes in season and the amount of dirt that can build up over time. If location and other environmental factors come into play, we recommend cleaning more regularly.

Location, Location, Location

All buildings are different. Their form, size, proximity to other buildings and environmental factors all make them unique, so it’s not a one size fits all approach to cleaning.

The higher you go, the cleaner your building will stay. That’s because, at lower levels, buildings are exposed to emissions from surrounding lower-rise buildings and the general dust and grime of the city. For your building, that means you could leave your higher floors only for periodic cleaning, whereas your lower floors may need more frequent cleaning where there is more build-up.

Not only does height affect how often you should clean building windows, climate conditions play a big part, too. If you live in wet or humid places, you can expect your windows to get dirty more frequently, leaving streaks and mineral deposits behind. Wind also plays a big part as dirt and grime can get tossed around, with high-rise building windows coping with a lot of it.

Newer buildings also tend to have many more windows than their more established counterparts, so depending on the type of building you have will again be a determining factor. 

If you own or manage a newer high-rise, you can expect your windows to need cleaning more regularly. Location, environment, and, of course, your budget are all considerations.

Abseilers United High-Rise Window Cleaning

Whether you need windows cleaned at 2 or 100 storeys, the Abseilers United team are experts in this area. Our attention to detail speaks for itself, and our experienced abseilers guarantee fast work, attention to detail, and sparkling results.

We wash, squeegee, and buff up windows on some of the tallest and most complex buildings and structures across the Sydney CBD and suburbs, so we’re confident we know what we’re doing.

Abseiling High-Rise Building Maintenance in Sydney

We don’t just offer window cleaning services; we are specialists in high-rise building maintenance. When considering the right team to partner with to maintain your high-rise building, we offer a full range of abseiling services for building maintenance to service your building needs including:

  • Ongoing large-scale building maintenance
  • One-off high-rise maintenance projects
  • Small repairs
  • Concrete and cracked wall repairs
  • Silicone and expansion joint work
  • Window glazing
  • Brick pointing
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Additional repairs and maintenance work

Using specialist rope access techniques and strong anchor points, we work quickly and safely in places others cannot.

Why choose Abseilers United?

At United Abseilers, we are experts in high-rise building maintenance projects from strata developments and residential and commercial high-rise buildings in Sydney since 2007. Our team is IRATA and SPRAT qualified, and we lead the way in height safety, rope access, working at heights, building maintenance and confined space work.

When you choose Abseilers United for your abseiling services, you can rest assured that your project will be carried out quickly, safely, and hassle-free. Our team of professional abseilers, window cleaners, painters, and renderers means we can tackle any high-rise maintenance project.

Communication is key to success and a happy client. Our teams liaise with the relevant people, including building maintenance and property management, to discuss any issues, or we can perform a comprehensive structural assessment and walk you through the process with no fluff or technical jargon.

The Abseilers United team blends years of industrial abseiling experience with painting and rendering expertise, making our business the high-rise building maintenance business of choice in Sydney.

Contact us today to see how we can help with your next high-rise window cleaning project.