Sydney’s skyline is full of iconic landmarks, architectural masterpieces and imposing skyscrapers. As a collective, they offer a stunning panoramic and walking amongst the high-rise buildings is an experience in itself; and reminds you how big Sydney is.

Now, think of all the high-rise buildings within the CBD and the ongoing maintenance needed to keep them aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Absurd.

One maintenance task that cannot be forgotten is high rise window cleaning. 

Dirty and stained windows on strata, residential and commercial high rise buildings can cause an unpleasant appearance, restricted viewing, obstructed natural light and unhygienic environments. For these reasons, high rise window cleaning must be routinely performed by a professional service like Abseilers United for safe and optimum results.

But how do you clean high rise windows?

There is only one real option for high rise window cleaning: the traditional washer and squeegee by rope access technician in Sydney. 

Other options such as water-fed pole systems, extensions poles, scissor lifts, and booms are helpful but limited when high rise window cleaning is concerned.

What is rope access window cleaning?

Scaling up a high rise is not always viable; therefore, abseiling down the building is a trusted method to reach windows in difficult to reach places. Rope access technicians rig up safe abseiling systems and repel down high-rise buildings with complete control to access the windows that need cleaning.

Rope access window cleaning needs to be performed by a qualified rope access technician that has the necessary rope access window cleaning training to complete the job competently and safely.

Having the right tools for the rope access Sydney job

When cleaning windows, it helps to have the right tools for the job. When performing rope access window cleaning, it is non-negotiable as there is no room for error and the time spent in precarious positions need to be limited. 

Therefore having the right tools for the job will ensure all rope access window cleaning is done safely, effectively, and efficiently.

From the bucket and squeegee to the scraper and tool belt, all tools have a purpose and must be reliable, especially when working at heights. Abseilers United is equipped with the quality tools to perform professional cleaning on all rope access Sydney jobs.

More than just a squeegee

Those unfamiliar with high rise window cleaning may be surprised by the vast range of squeegees available. For rope access technicians, a squeegee is their prized possession. They invest good money in a quality squeegee to help their performance and high rise window cleaning results when suspended many metres from the ground.

There are important features to consider like swivel handles, clip points and disassembly of the handle, channel and rubber to help with commuting, storage, and cleaning. Squeegees from reputable brands will ensure windows are left streak-free and save valuable time by avoiding recleaning that may be needed when using stock standard squeegees. 

Squeegee size can range from 4 inches to 24 inches, and rope access technicians will have a range of options to suit all rope access Sydney jobs.

Squeegee Rubber

Squeegee rubbers that can be turned and replaced when worn are vital to continue a squeegee’s lifespan. So too is the squeegee versatility in using different rubbers to suit the rope access technician preference.

Other essential equipment for high rise window cleaning


A bucket may seem obvious, but it needs to be adequate to fit the squeegee and hold ample cleaning solutions without being an inconvenience and safety hazard.


A high rise window cleaning mop is essential to wash the window and remove any tough marks and stains. The basic t-bar and sleeve design are standard within the industry, coming in either fixed or swivel varieties. 

The machine-washable removable sleeve comes in a few different types. The standard soft wash, the ‘porcupine’ with plastic teeth, and the scourer for stubborn stains are most used.

For rope access technicians, a water retention mop is a highly beneficial option as it reduces the visit to the bucket, saving valuable time and minimising movements.


Scrapers are pretty self-explanatory. They scrape off tough marks like bird droppings and insect marks, both common on rope access Sydney jobs. A convenient pocket size scraper is the most popular choice for a rope access technician; however, they will have larger scrapers at hand when required.

It is vital to have the skills to use a scraper correctly, not to scratch the window, causing permanent damage.


Whether it’s a professional cleaning solution or a secret homemade formula, every rope access technician will have their detergent of choice. 

As long as it removes stains, cleans the glass, lubricates the window surface, and leaves the window looking sparkling clean, it is considered sufficient.

Tool Belt

A tool belt is an excellent accessory that many rope access technicians use for high rise window cleaning. Tool belts help free up the hands and give adequate support to store things like scrapers, rags and phones. 

Tool belts can also carry a small bucket to hold a mop and squeegee when they are not being used.

High rise window cleaning experience and qualifications

When looking for a rope access Sydney company to perform high rise window cleaning, they must have industry experience and qualifications. High rise window cleaning is a specialised job that comes with many safety hazards. 

No high rise building is the same, and many have challenging architectural features. High rise window cleaning experience will ensure the rope access window cleaning job is performed without hassle or delay. 

Undertaking the appropriate training to ensure rope access technicians are qualified to work safely at heights is vital. The Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) qualification is an internationally recognised rope access certification that provides a safe method of working at heights.

Abseilers United, the rope access window cleaning specialists

For 15 years, Abseilers United rope access technicians are the rope access Sydney experts in heights safety and building maintenance. All their rope access technicians are IRATA, and SPRAT qualified, meaning they will perform rope access window cleaning to the necessary Australian and international standards.

Contact Abseilers United today, and let the rope access window cleaning specialist leave your windows looking sparkling clean.