Abseiling services for moving – When you’re moving home or office, it’s not uncommon to have items that seem to be impossible to transport. When moving into a high rise building, or even a more modest structure, there is often no way to move certain items “traditionally.” Entryways may be too narrow, or the item may be excessively heavy. In such circumstances, you can call on an abseiling team for help.

At Abseilers United, we’re not just experts in height safety and licensed trades at heights, we’re also skilled at transport via rigging, lifting, and lowering. Could you benefit from our services for your next move? We don’t just assist movers, either, but often work with contractors, builders, and more. Read on to find out about this unique service.

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Abseiling Services for Moving 

Building Works in Progress

One of the most common uses for our rope access rigging and lifting is for works in progress. Contractors and builders know that there are often situations in which there is great difficulty delivering materials and parts to a high point on a structure.

Yet, such equipment may be essential to continued progress on a building. On occasions when cranes cannot access an area, or cannot safely convey an item, rope access can be the solution. With our enormous focus on safe work at heights, our team of expert abseilers can securely rig and lift materials and equipment of all sizes, weights, and dimensions, delivering it to its destination in the sky. During the building process, don’t forget to consider Abseilers United.

The Heavy Lifting

We don’t just move equipment and materials to high points; we frequently transport everyday items. From the tallest skyscrapers to “regular” homes, our rigging and lifting can be utilised for furniture, works of art, unwieldy items such as pianos, and much more. This service is a godsend in situations when a doorway does not allow room to carry in an item or when there is virtually no other way to deliver it several storeys above the ground.

Plus, you can always depend on our team to keep items in prime condition during their journey. Abseiling services will save the day for businesses and property owners. Got an unusual item that needs moving? Ask us about it, and we’ll do our best to find the solution.

Rigging for Demolition

Sometimes, we don’t just move items to a new location, we help to take them away. In the event of a controlled demolition, our team of rope access technicians can be on hand to safely remove heavy or hazardous items prior to the main event. This service allows for a more secure demolition and allows the preservation of specific items or building features, if necessary.

Leading Sydney Abseilers – Always an Eye on Safety

There are countless situations in which businesses and individuals can benefit from the skills of rope access. In our industrial rigging and lifting services, you can rely on Abseilers United to offer the strictest standards of safety, quality, and customer service. Our main priority, without question, is always safe work for our team and for others. Whatever work you need to be completed at heights or in hard-to-access areas, we’re the Sydney height safety experts to call [(02) 9976 6768].