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Licensed painters to perform painting work via rope access

Our rope access technician team also consists of extremely capable licensed painters. We place your Sydney painting jobs in the highly experienced hands, brushes, and rollers of our licensed painters. Our team can manage everything, including those truly complex, fiddly, and minute-detail projects. For you our client, we offer 100% peace of mind, warranty and insurance.

The painters who look after your project are:

  • fully qualified and licensed to undertake the work they perform
  • experienced in painting at heights, on ropes.

All jobs come with standard warranty periods. Plus, Home Owner Warranty insurance is provided for any painting job over $20,000.

What rope access painting services do you need?

Abseilers United highly experienced licensed abseiling painters take care of many different painting services on buildings, including:

  • painting entire buildings
  • painting timber windows
  • painting hard-to-access eaves and gables
  • painting buildings that can’t be scaffolded or reached via EWP
  • painting heritage buildings
  • and many other professional painting requirements.

Contact us at our Sydney office today for your free quote on rope access licensed painter work.


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