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Premium Walkways, Handrails, & Guardrails Sydney

Installation of roof safety guardrails, handrails and walkways for safe access
Abseilers United can inspect and test your current roof walkways, roof guardrails, and roof handrails to ensure they meet WHS regulations – or install walkways, guardrails and handrails on your building or other tall structure.
Why are quality walkways, guardrails and handrails so important?
  • They protect roofs and prevent people from slipping and falling from them (or through them if the roof is brittle and fragile)
  • They don’t corrode under harsh weather conditions
  • Falls from heights are the second most common cause of death at work
  • It’s the law. Under the Work Health and Safety Act anywhere that work is done within 2m of an unprotected edge, and could result in a fall of 2 metres or more, fall protection is required.

To ensure your roofs are safe and legal our height safety technicians can:

  • inspect and test your current walkways, handrails, and guardrail systems to ensure they meet regulations
  • provide new standard and custom built walkways, handrails, and guardrail installations.

Walkways, handrails and guardrails installed on your building are made of the highest quality non-corrosive lightweight aluminium or fibre to protect your workers and business.


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