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Effective safety nets for your Sydney business
Abseilers United provides professional Installation of safety nets for fall protection and catchment of lost objects. A safety net is a device to stop falling or flying objects, both for the safety of people in the area and the integrity of property beyond the net.

When major works are underway, it is the intent of labourers and management to engage a problem-free, safe environment. Yet incidents do occur, so it is of the utmost importance to have risk management elements in place. You can control potential hazards at your construction site or other workplace with a well-installed safety net. For a constantly changing environment such as a construction site, a net is an ideal height safety precaution.

Want to partner with Abseilers United? We’re the Sydney height safety experts who understand your needs, can professionally design your systems, and install all aspects. With efficient, timely service, your building or construction staff can keep performing their work as usual—with full peace of mind.

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