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Licensed plumbing work at heights and via rope access
Nearly every building has gutters and external pipes. Almost as many come with stack vents and hot water heaters. To prevent potentially expensive and dangerous problems with these plumbing elements, all must be maintained. When problems arise, repairs or replacements may be in order. What do you do when the plumbing equipment is at heights?
Some jobs demand a specialist in high rise plumbing
If you require plumbing services performed on the outside of buildings, it’s vital that the professional you use is properly qualified to do the job. That means the experience and skills of a licensed plumber – and the ability to look after the task while suspended from a rope; all of which our plumbers can do.
What rope access plumbing services do you need?

Abseilers United highly experienced licensed plumbers regularly take care of many different plumbing services on buildings, including:

  • stack work
  • hot water heater installation, repairs and maintenance
  • drain pipe & gutter installation, repairs and maintenance
  • rainwater heads installation, repairs and maintenance
  • difficult access sewer renewals and repairs
    drain inspections using CCTV
  • drain clearing
  • gas pipework installation, repairs and maintenance
  • water pipe work installation, repairs and maintenance
  • pressure & pump line service and repairs.

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