On many occasions, your business is in need of specific installation, maintenance, or repair tasks. When a job demands skills beyond expert rope access technicians, it’s time to combine the two. In such circumstances, Abseilers United calls on our licensed tradesmen abseilers. This provides you with a team to work at heights while also completing a specialised task.

One of our common rope access needs is pest control at heights. Sharing our world with other living creatures means that we occasionally come into conflict with them. High rise buildings, like any other properties, occasionally require expert pest control solutions. We’re ready and able to take care of your issues with birds, insects, vermin, and other pests. Read on to find out what services we can offer as pest control technicians working at heights.

Preventing Birds as Pests

High rise buildings are prone to a few unique concerns, and one of these is the presence of birds. Their height and exterior surface area make high rise buildings the ideal habitat for nesting birds. Birds might seem like a harmless pest, but they can create several problems. The first is an issue of cleanliness and appearance. Birds nesting in your roofing and other areas can generate quite a mess. From moulting feathers to unpleasant droppings—birds can make your property’s exterior unsanitary and unsightly. Birds also are capable of scratching and damaging your property. All this translates into more cleaning and increased maintenance.

Does your building have a gravelled roof? Many properties have this type of roofing to improve insulation and counteract UV degradation. Birds can also pose an issue here. The pebbles on the roof are very tempting treasures to birds who wish to use them in their nests. As the birds remove these, they impact the efficacy of the gravelled roof, and also create a potential hazard. If dropped from heights, these small stones could cause significant damage or even hurt someone entering or leaving your building.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for avoiding bird-related pest issues. Prevention is key to keeping birds at bay.

For gravelled roofing, we’re able to incorporate professional hazard control that will reduce the ability of birds to remove pebbles and minimise the risk of falling gravel as well. This type of work can only be carried out by an expert team licensed to work at heights. We also specialise in the installation of barriers and bird spikes which serve to stop birds from landing (and eventually nesting) on your roofs, ledges, eaves, and gutters. Bird spikes deter birds as they create an inhospitable roosting environment. Both cost-effective and environmentally friendly, these types of barriers are an excellent option for pest control.

Handling Other Pests

Other pest issues can be swiftly managed using rope access. Have a hard-to-reach wasp nest? We’ll safely and thoroughly remove the nest, keeping you and your customers out of harm’s way. Still other pests can be problematic in high rise buildings. A sizeable exterior means there are countless areas through which pests could potentially gain access to your building. Once inside, there are even more spaces in which to hide (and possibly do costly damage). Rope access ensures pest problems can be tackled in those tight spaces or at heights. We’re able to assess your property for pest entry risk and to complete treatments in areas that the typical pest control expert could never reach. This positions us perfectly to assist when you have a tough pest situation.

Vermin, termites, or other insect issues in your building? Give Abseilers United a call and let us tackle your problem head on. Pest control at heights may be precisely what you need.


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