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Sydney Pest Control at Heights
Got a pest problem? Abseilers United offers assistance to remove or prevent pests in hard to reach areas via rope access.
Installation of Bird Spikes and Barricades

Bird spikes are a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to keep your premises free from a bevy of birds, by preventing birds from landing and roosting on the eaves, gutters, down pipes, ledges, and all other flat surfaces on and around your building. Abseilers United will access and assess the level of infestation around the area, then identify the optimum solution to ensure the area is successfully bird proof.

Why Birds are Unwanted Pests:


  • Defacing the building and surrounds with droppings
  • Nesting in guttering and eaves
  • Scratching the roof
  • Causing skin irritations and allergies (from bird mites)
Hazard Control for Buildings with Gravelled Roofs
Gravelled roofs have many benefits. The gravel is applied on the rooftop to protect it from the sun, add life to it, and aid in insulation. It is commonly added on top of roofing membrane to protect the rubber from UV degradation.However, gravel rooftops attract birds that use the pebbles for nesting, creating a potential major hazard. The birds drop the stones over the roof top edge of the building possibly damaging property and harming people—constituting a serious liability issue.

Abseilers United can put in place hazard control elements to prevent these problems. These hazard control measures are typically located in areas with difficult access and close to the building edge. Accessing them requires anchor points and a working at heights permit, therefore is best performed by height safety experts like us.

Wasp and Bee Nest Removal
Having a wasp’s nest in or around your home or business is an unpleasant situation. How do you get rid of this issue? Wasp nests are dangerous to handle and remove and must be treated with professional care. Fortunately, you can count on the experience of the Abseilers United team for removing your pests.
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