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Painting, concrete & cement rendering via rope access

Painting and rendering at heights is a specialist skill. To ensure your job is carried out properly, quickly – and safely – you need qualified professionals. The Abseilers United team blend years of industrial abseiling experience with painting and rendering expertise. In many cases, without direct access to the affected area a Building Manager doesn’t have the information regarding the number of defects or the size of impact. For that reason, we can assist you with building maintenance or by performing a comprehensive structural inspection.

We also carry out work for a specific painting and rendering requirement. Our high rise and difficult access painting and rendering services include:

  • rendering over brick, concrete, cement, and stone
  • cement and acrylic render
  • repairs of cracks and patches
  • painting and repainting new and existing buildings, bridges, silos, structures of any kind
  • restoration and painting of timber window sills and frames

We pack up at the end of every day (or night). That means no inconvenient, cumbersome scaffolding or powered machinery will be disrupting your business.

Did you know that the incidence of concrete cancer is particularly high in countries such as Australia? Call Abseilers United today and eliminate your defects while they are still small and save lots of $$$.


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