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Looking for professional inspections, maintenance, repairs, or cleaning work carried out on a high-level structure, building, or construction site? Abseilers United is ready to meet your needs. Our qualified team of abseiling experts are the best in the business. Since 2006, we’ve been handling complex, dangerous, and near-impossible projects, always delivering with efficiency, quality, and the best practices for height safety in Sydney.

Our professional team works up high and in confined spaces, for companies all around Australia. Whether you hire Abseilers United for spotless high rise or commercial window cleaning, an official height safety audit, or industrial rope access needs, we guarantee you’ll receive remarkable service, and on-time completion. Our clients are always thrilled with the excellent results we present, and your wallet will thank you, too: we offer savings of up to 60% (versus traditional methods).


Commercial Window Cleaning : 5 Things to Know

Commercial Window Cleaning : 5 Things to Know

How are your windows looking these days? Unless you can reply with “spotlessly clean,” it is likely time to schedule a commercial window cleaning. Having your windows professionally maintained is a must for any business. Whether you work in a 40 storey skyscraper or a...