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High Rise Glazing, window replacement and repairs via rope access

Do you have a window located at heights that needs repairing or replacing?

Whether you need work alongside your team or the support of a specialised contractor we can help you.

Abseilers United can help you with installing windows, repairing the sealant and fitting the frames.

When windows break and need replacing or require to be maintained quickly and safely in hard to reach or at height, we are here to help. We specialise in high rise glazier repairs and replacement at the 2nd, or 22nd or 102nd storey.
The Abseilers United team guarantee fast work, attention to detail. We work with some of the busiest high rise glaziers across some of the tallest and most complex buildings and structures in Sydney’s CBD and suburbs.
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Our Glazing division has been working with reputable glazing companies in Sydney for the last 15 years, helping companies tackle difficult to access or otherwise challenging glazing jobs on highrise buildings all over Sydney.
We specialise in glass replacement and repair on: • residential buildings • strata managed buildings • commercial and high rise • industrial and construction sites
Using rope access techniques and anchor points means tidy, safe and efficient work without the need for expensive and unsightly scaffolding or powered machinery.

Height and safety is our expertise and technical jobs are part of our daily routine.

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Abseilers United Sydney

 We are leaders in professional inspections, maintenance, repairs & cleaning work on high-level structures, buildings & construction sites.

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