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Licensed electricians to work at heights via rope access
Electrical work on signs, wires, cables and cameras is serious business. Add the challenge of trying to do the job whilst suspended from a rope and it requires someone with very specialised skills and knowledge of height safety.

Electrician services –we install, test, maintain and repair

You can call on the vast experience and skills of Abseilers United’s licensed electricians for a wide range of rope access services.
– Installing and maintaining:
– electrical fittings or fixtures
– new wire electrical fixtures like lightboxes or signs
– extraction fans on stacks
– lightning conductors on top of high structures
– 3-phase motors
– CCTV cameras and security cameras.

• Carrying out LED conversion of light fixtures or signs.
• Running cables and cable trays up buildings and antennas, or down service ducts.
• Repairing or replacing broken SkyClimber winches in a suspended work platform.
• Perform testings and carry out electrical inspections.

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