Caulking and Sealing Services via Rope Access


Caulking & sealing services Sydney

Do you require caulking and sealing in places such as expansion joints or gaps between panels and around windows?

Have you got a water leak in an inaccessible area that needs sealing?

Maybe you have water seepage from somewhere, but you are not sure where?

Let us handle this.

Our rope access technicians at Abseilers United can put a stop to water leakages by sealing the area via rope access. Whether the problem is at heights or in hard-to-reach confined spaces, we can provide top quality silicone sealing to solve your problem. If you’re seeking the source of a leak, we will perform a step-by-step, localised, and pragmatic water testing to find the source. Once identified, we can seal the area, putting a stop to your water leaking problems. Sound like a service you need?

Contact us for your caulking needs in Sydney today or for a quote on all types of building maintenance.


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