Sydney Building Inspections and Reporting at Heights


Worried about the condition of your building’s exterior?

An inspection from the ground might not meet your high rise maintenance needs. Structural and safety inspections must be accurate and provide you the information you need to take action on the problem. Our industrial abseilers can quickly access your building, structure or construction site via rope access to perform inspections or testing. Photographic and videographic reports can be generated for facade and structural inspections. We will collect photographic evidence of any problems and provide a detailed report of our findings.

According to the requirements, Abseilers United will call in the expertise of our qualified partners: Engineers, builders, electricians, plumbers and NDT technicians of all disciplines and levels. 

We carry out facade inspections and testing on:

  • office building walls
  • multi-level apartment block walls
  • heritage buildings
  • industrial sites
  • pipes
  • bridges
  • dams
  • antennas
  • chimneys
  • confined spaces

Contact us today for a quote on all types of facade and structural inspections.

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Abseilers United Sydney

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