Do you perform work at heights or in hard-to-reach areas? Are comprehensive fall arrest systems a part of your protocol? Should they be? For businesses that do work in spaces where a fall is possible, the importance of safety cannot be overstated. Height safety is more than just strapping on a harness and getting a task done. To ensure true security (and compliance with height safety legalities), a thorough height safety plan and system must be in place.

We can help.

Abseilers United are the experts in height safety in Sydney and we can complete a detailed height safety audit to assess your systems and provide professional recommendations for improvements and compliance. Don’t leave something as important as your team’s safety to chance. A height safety audit can provide you with the peace of mind that your work at heights is being completed with safety as top priority. Here’s what a height safety audit entails:

Height Safety Audit for Your Equipment

Our primary step is to conduct a general and task-specific risk assessment. These comprehensive checks look at your systems in total and determine what levels and types of risks are possible. We compare this information to the WHS regulations currently in place for height safety in Australia. Your specific risks specify what elements of safety compliance will be necessary, and directly influence the what our height safety recommendations will be. Basic regulations demand fall arrest systems be utilised in any spot where a dangerous fall is possible.

We observe your height safety related equipment, including your fall arrest systems as well as your ladders, walkways, guardrails, and the general access points for workers to areas where tasks will be performed. Equipment is checked for condition and quality, as well as assessed for proper use and installation. This also extends to equipment worn by workers, such as harnesses and the connecting device and lines which attach them to solid anchor points.

For specific tasks, we look closely at your building or structure to assess its load-bearing capacity. Depending on the work to be done, this might call for specific equipment to be used or load weights to be adhered to. Using a pro team like Abseilers United ensures your height safety audit covers these precise items which are so important to a safe workspace.

Height Safety Audit for Your People

A trusted height safety audit doesn’t just take into account your equipment and your physical work location, it also considers the knowledge and height safety skills of your staff. One of the key elements of safe work at heights is a prepared, experienced team. From proper use of fall arrest systems to the regular daily checking of a workspace, it is vital that your team is fully versed in height safety know-how. We’ll discuss the training received by your staff and provide guidance if necessary.

We’ll check on your PPE, to ascertain whether the appropriate gear is being worn and that it is in good condition. We go beyond equipment and individuals, too, and investigate your overall systems. Are daily height safety tasks being deployed correctly? Are you using proper maintenance and inspection records? Do your processes comply with WorkCover to fully protect your employees? Going over these details is a touchpoint of a solid audit.

Let’s get you inspected. With a full height safety audit for your Sydney business, you can minimise concern and confidently produce better work. Abseilers United supplies the most accurate and overarching audits in the business. Get in touch today to schedule your height safety audit with us.

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