Do You Need Stand-by Rescue Services? We Offer Rope Access in Sydney

As industrial abseilers in Sydney, we’re naturally experts in accomplishing safe work at heights. Hanging out multiple storeys above the earth, we can execute a variety of tasks and projects with precision. The skilled team here at Abseilers United possesses a sizeable toolkit. From high rise window cleaning and exterior building maintenance to plumbing and electrical work: we’ve got licensed tradesmen who can work at heights and get your project completed efficiently and safely.

Some projects, however, demand different services from us. Maybe you’re a contractor with a team of skilled labourers already at your disposal. Your workers are needed for a specific task within your project that necessitates work at heights or in confined spaces. That’s where we come in. Do you need stand-by rescue services? Read on to examine the additional considerations you’ll have to make and we’ll help you determine if height safety rescue could be right for your next project.

Work in Confined Spaces

Work that is being done in confined spaces is accompanied by a litany of factors that need attention. There are inherent risks associated with these hard-to-access areas, and it is vital for your team’s safety that the proper steps are taken.

In confined spaces, there are risks concerning a lack of proper ventilation. The presence of dust and heat can exacerbate these problems. Tight spaces present the possibility for reduced oxygen levels or for the collection of noxious fumes. Depending on the work being done, there may be other contaminants which could be a possible airborne risk in tight spaces. In addition to these concerns, some confined space work brings with it the potential for explosion or fire.

When you partner with Abseilers United, we can assist with enacting the appropriate safety protocols, specialising in confined space entry. We’ll help you to safely enter the work space so that the necessary tasks can be completed with efficiency and confidence.

Height Safety Compliance & Assessment

The main concern with working at heights is the prevention of a fall and the minimising of fall and fall-related risks. The installation and maintenance of secure fall arrest systems is the backbone of this practice. Our team of industrial rope access technicians is fully versed in all things height safety. If your workers are going to be performing work on a high structure or building where fall protection is necessary, we can provide a comprehensive assessment to ascertain whether or not your existing fall systems are secure and compliant. Don’t have fall arrest systems? We install them as well. Surveying the area where work is to be done, we can observe and analyse possible risks and help you put the right systems in place for 100% safety. Don’t get caught out with substandard fall protection or a lack of the right equipment.

Standing By for a Rescue

We can be there before you begin work at heights or in tight-access spaces, but for the ultimate in safe workplace practices, you can bring in a few members of our team for stand-by rescue services, on-call during the work itself. Always ready for action, we are prepared to adapt and assist with any situation of concern which may arise. We are able to administer first aid or to step in and complete a physical rescue. With the right preparation beforehand, it is less likely that such emergency services will be necessary, but it is a welcome relief to know we’re there if required.

Why You Need Us:

We provide peace of mind, plus practical expertise you can rely on in the event something goes wrong or needs professional attention. We’re the experts in rope access Sydney businesses can depend on.

Let’s talk stand-by rescue services. Get in touch today for all the details and an obligation-free quote.

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